The Multiplication Pack

Improve your children’s multiplication skills with our bumper pack of teaching resources! This teaching pack includes a comprehensive topic guide, printable activity resources for independent and group work, as well as quality display and reference materials.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 21 Page Guide to Multiplication – A topic guide that can be used for whole class teaching, independent reference or as a classroom display resource. Includes information about when we use multiplication, multiplying by 10 and 100, multiplication methods, division, fractions, decimals and more!
  • Twelve Pages of Multiplication Flash Cards – A set of cards that show all multiplication tables from 1 x 1 to 12 x 12, along with cards that show every answer. Can your children match the calculations with their answers?
  • Sixteen Sets of ‘Shuffle and Sort’ Cards – Shuffle all of the cards and ask your children to sort them into groups that show the same value (e.g. 2 x 4, 4+4, 8 and an array that shows 2 x 4).
  • Two ‘Multiplication Tables’ Mats – Handy reference sheets that show all multiplication tables up to 10×10 and 12×12.
  • Twelve Multiplication Tables Posters – Printable posters that show every multiplication table. Available in two different formats (x1 and 1x).
  • Four ‘Find the Multiplication’ Challenges – Can your students answer the twenty multiplication questions and then find them all in the grid? Available at four different levels of difficulty.
  • Nine ‘Mix and Multiply’ Resources – A challenging multiplication activity! Ask your students to mix and multiply the numbers provided to generate the other numbers shown on the page. Available at different levels of difficulty and with answers. Blank versions are also provided so that you can set up your own mix and multiply challenges.
  • Four ‘How Many Would You Like?’ Resources – Sets of cards that show different objects and their prices (in pounds, euros or dollars). Cut out the cards and the matching number cards and ask your students to calculate the total cost of different numbers of each item. The sets vary in difficulty and have a complete collection of answers for easy marking!
  • Four ‘Multiplication Match-Ups’ – Sets of cards that show multiplication calculations with matching answers (e.g. 3×4 and 2×6). Can your children match all of the pairs together? Available in four differentiated versions with answers.
  • Four Sets of Multiplication Follow Me Cards – Cut out the cards and give each one to a child in your class. Ask one child to read their question and then work out who has the correct answer. The child with the answer then reads their question until you have answers all of the questions! Four sets are available at different levels of difficulty.
  • Six Pages of Horizontal Multiplication Questions – Multiplication questions (at different levels of difficulty) with answers.
  • Five Pages of Grid Method Questions – Activity sheets that let your children practise their grid multiplication skills. Available at different levels of difficulty with answers for teachers and self-checking.
  • Five Pages of Long Multiplication Questions – Give your children opportunities to practise long multiplication with five pages of differentiated questions.
  • Five Pages of Short Multiplication Questions – Five more pages of multiplication questions that can be used to try short multiplication.
  • Seven Sets of Circle Drills – Multiply the number in the centre of each circle by the numbers in the middle ring and write the answers in the outer ring. Available at seven different levels of difficulty (with answers).
  • Three Sets of Table Drills – Practise multiplication of one and two digit numbers by completing these grids!
  • Three Sets of ‘Multiplication Box’ Sheets – A true multiplication challenge! The numbers in each row, column and diagonal line are multiplied together to make the products shown… but some of the numbers are missing!
  • Three ‘Multiplying Fractions’ Pages – Give your children a chance to practise multiplying fractions with these activity sheets.
  • Three ‘Find the Factors’ Resources – Can your children work out the factors of the numbers given on these sheets?
  • Three ‘Inputs and Outputs’ Challenges – Can your children work out what each input is multiplied by in the tables provided and then work out the missing outputs?
  • Three ‘Multiple Multiplications’ Sheets – A challenging resource that requires students to multiply three numbers together. Available at three different levels of difficulty, one of which includes decimals.
  • Two Multiplication Dice Activities – Ask your children to use three dice to generate numbers and then multiply those numbers by 10, 100 and 1000!
  • One Display Banner – Create a classroom display board about multiplication using our colourful banner!

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Statistics Pack.


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The Multiplication Pack
Average rating:  
 13 reviews
 by Marian Logie
Multiplication Pack

I have been using the Multiplication Pack recently for a home tutored pupil in Year 7, who has needed extra support with Maths, to bring her up to speed in class.
She was unfamiliar with which method was used in class, so I have printed out the Multiplication Guide, alongside the worksheets for the grid and other methods. This works perfectly for her needs, allowing her to choose the method best suited for her dyslexic learning needs. I have been regularly using other Teaching Pack resources for home tutoring, finding them to be as relevant and adaptable as they were when used in class teaching. I shall continue to subscribe to Teaching Packs; it's a guaranteed way to enthuse all children in their learning!

 by Wilma
Excellent resource

I just started the multiplications with my kids (Year 3) and am so happy with this package. The power point is clear and easy to go through and the different activities are great for differentiation in my class. Thanks 🙂

 by Nicola Muller
Great mixture

I think there's a great mixture of things here to encourage kids in learning multiplication facts, great fun with my varied age group of home educated kids. Thanks!

 by Karen Graham

A wonderful resources that assists students to develop their multiplication skills using professionally created materials. I would love to see a variety of word problems included to cover that aspect of the West Australian Curriculum.

 by Jodine Read
A great resource

I teach a small group of children with SEN all of different abilities - this pack has made teaching Multiplication much easier and very visual. It's saved me lots of time. Thank you.

 by Lisa Kracyla
Kids love these activities!

My class love using Teaching Packs resources. They are informative and engaging and brighten our room. The students use the posters and guides as learning tools and are often spotted using them during lessons at a window or wall to support their understanding. The multiplication pack has such a wide variety of activities aimed at various levels of learners making differentiation in the classroom so much easier during group time The activities are quick and easy to prep and implement.

 by Jacqcon
Multiplication Pack

I just purchased the multiplication pack and the explanation writing pack. I feel like I have got my money's worth already. I will be using the multiplication guide in many maths lessons. Thanks you!

 by Diane

This pack is amazing! Sooo much material! This resource is colourful and engaging for my students. It covers much of the curriculum and even includes tips for kids. A winner!

 by Joanne
Great pack

This multiplication pack is amazing. I do some maths interventions each week in the school I work in and this pack will help me alot while supporting the children.

 by wendy mellon
Wow... something for every multiplication lesson

A fantastic resource for all ages. There is so much in this pack that I am so greatful for. The posters, the follow on games, missing numbers etc. You name it and it is there already prepared for you. Even things I hadn't thought of. Thanks

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