The Listening Skills Pack

Help your children to listen to others, remember what has been said and follow instructions with our range of Listening Skills resources! Includes a collection of enjoyable, practical activities and downloadable audio files!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Five ‘True or False?’ Audio Activities – Look at the images and listen to the statements in the audio recordings. Which are true and which are false?
  • Six Drawing Challenges – Can your children follow the audio instructions to draw the correct shapes and symbols in the correct boxes?
  • Four Instructions Challenges – Ask your students to listen to the audio instructions carefully and move the counters into the correct positions on the grid!
  • Eight Sequences Challenges – Listen to the sequence of words / sounds and answer the questions. Will your children remember the correct order?
  • Five Story Challenges – Challenge your children to listen to these stories and then answer the questions to test what they remember. Includes differentiated answer sheets.
  • Eight Listening Challenges – Eight different types of texts that have been narrated for you. Play the audio to your children and ask them to answer the related questions on our handy answer sheets!
  • Sixty ‘Yes or No?’ game cards – Will your children be able to work out the hidden objects by asking questions and listening carefully to the answers? Includes a large set of cards that you can use to play the game.
  • Forty ‘Silly Sentences’ – Will your children be able to listen carefully to each other, in order to pass a silly sentence around the group? Includes a large collection of sentences that you can use to get started.
  • Seventy-two ‘What am I describing?’ cards – An enjoyable speaking and listening game that can be played in pairs, small groups or as a whole class. Use our cards for your games, or use the blank template to make your own!
  • Six Sound Hunting Resources – Go on a ‘sound hunt’ with your class! Explore different areas and listen carefully to the sounds that you can hear. Use our printable sheets to sort the sounds into different categories and draw or write them into the correct spaces.
  • Four ‘How to be a Good Listener’ Posters – A set of posters to teach your students how to be good listeners. Includes blank versions so that you can add your own text.
  • Eleven Reward Resources – Use our handy certificates, reward notes and charts to praise your children for their amazing listening skills!
  • Three Display Banners – A collection of display banners to use on your Listening Skills displays!

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Listening Skills Pack.


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The Listening Skills Pack
Average rating:  
 41 reviews
 by Gwen McNally
Amazing Activities

I have been using these activities with Spanish native speakers. The worksheets are colourful, clear and great fun to use. My year 5 children really have got a lot out of the activities. It also picks up some common mistakes the children hear!

 by Zuriette du Plessis
Listening Activities

I have been using these activities for years. It is a fun way to help students build listening and focus skills. Not only is it helpful to gain the skills but it is a relaxing activity to help students calm down after break times or a challenging lesson. I've never had a student complain when we worked on it. Well done!

 by Jackie
Great for EAL

Excellent resource. I have used with Early Years and EAL students who are developing their English skills. All the students loved choosing true and false. Each activity also promoted group discussion.

 by Katie Galavan

My class struggle with listening and I have found these games and activities to really help them to concentrate on actively listening.

 by Glynis Martin
Marvellous Resource

Thank you for this excellent resource. Many of my pupils are of low ability, so this resource is going to make it easy for me to peer over their shoulders to assist them with note-taking as well as to ascertain how well they have listened. You've made my teaching easier, yet again.

 by Lorna
Listening Skills

I downloaded this pack early on in my membership and still have a very funny bunny with his small friend looking up to him, on my classroom board! It hasn't mattered how the terminology of school themes change - this is still relevant and practical. Use it every year.

 by Gisele
Listening Pack

Really good activities that enable children to listen and follow simple instructions. Suitable for KS1 and KS2.

 by Anne Marie Yule
Listening skills pack

I am a supply teacher and have used this pack regularly in lots of different schools. The children love these exercises and can create their own listening games from them.

 by Elaine
Great in a SEN setting

This is such a fantastic pack. I use it all the time with my pupils with additional needs. It really helps them develop their listening skills. Everything is so clear and easy to use. You have everything at your fingertips and most importantly the pupils really enjoy these activities.

 by Nina
Great for esl pupils

I have used this with my English class here in Norway! I love them and so do my pupils! Thank you!

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