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  • Twenty-Four Writing Prompts Cards - A set of inspiring images that children can use as the starting point for writing. Give children a random card, let them choose from the collection, or use the cards on a classroom display…
  • Five Word of the Day Posters - Laminate one of these five free posters and write a new word on it each day. Can your class find out what the word means?
  • Four Sets of Finger Space Pointers - Resources to help children to remember to use their finger spaces between words. Also includes accompanying posters.
  • Forty Homophones Posters - Posters (and smaller cards) showing the spelling of different homophones, with accompanying images.
  • Twelve Similes Posters - Posters featuring different similes (with related images). Use them on a classroom display about similes or as a teaching tool to explain what similes are. Can your children think of any more similes... and design their own posters?
  • Twelve Letter Jumble Printables - A set of twelve differentiated anagram challenges. How many words can your children find using the letters in the grid? Available as pre-filled PDFs to use immediately and as an editable DOC so you can choose your own letters.
  • Four Classroom Flipbooks - These flipbooks are a fantastic reference resource, covering a number of Literacy topics. A blank template is also provided so you can make your own!
  • Five Story Starters - Photos that can be used as writing prompts. Can your children write the rest of each story? Print the photos and use them for independent activities, or display the PDF on a large display and use them with your whole class!
  • Five Story Endings - Photos that can be used as writing prompts. Can your children write the beginning of each story? Print the photos and use them for independent activities, or display the PDF on a large display and use them with your whole class!
  • Three Prepositions Challenges - This resource includes three pages of activity sheets. On each page, there is a list of prepositions... Can your children write a sentence that includes each preposition, or draw a picture that shows its meaning?
  • One Super Sentences Poster - This printable poster features a variety of suggestions to help your children to improve their sentences. Print it and add it to a classroom display... leave a copy of classroom tables so that your class can refer to it during their writing... or use it as a writing activity by giving a new starting sentence for children to improve!
  • One 'The more that you read...' Poster - Inspire your children with this famous quote from the popular children's author, Dr. Seuss! Print the poster and display it in your classroom. Take the time to talk about it with them too. What does it mean to them?
  • Ten 'Where do we read?' Posters - A set of free display resources, helping your pupils to think about the different places where we read. Ten different posters are included, showing images of children (and adults) reading in different locations. Two additional posters show questions for children to think about... Could you include areas where children can write their responses?
  • One 'When to use a capital letter' Poster - Our free poster can be used to help children remember when to use a capital letter. Share it on your interactive whiteboard, add it to a classroom display or use it as a reference tool on children's tables while they are writing!
  • Ten 'They're, Their and There' Posters -  A set of posters to help your children learn when to use 'They're, Their and There'. Also includes two activity pages for your children to complete!
  • Two Sets of Matching Maths Puzzles - Cut out the puzzle, mix up the pieces and put it back together by matching the values on each side! Challenge children to record how long it takes them to complete the puzzle… then try again to beat their time!
  • Three Sets of Maths Dominoes - Cut out the dominoes, jumble them up and put them into a line by joining the questions and answers together.
  • Three Hundred Square Challenges - Will your pupils be able to complete our jumbled hundred square printables?
  • Three Multiplication Square Challenges - These hundred square pages have lots of missing numbers for your class to fill in.
  • Five Shape Grids - A variety of grids that include different 2D shapes. Use them for naming / sorting / identification challenges and as the starting point for discussion of their properties.
  • Eight Sets of Maths Challenges - A set of printable Maths challenge sheets. Each page contains 45 calculations, covering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The sheets vary in difficulty level and answers are included for busy teachers!
  • One Set of Tangram Challenges - A printable tangram sheet for children to cut out and use to create their own shapes / patterns. We have also included a set of tangram numbers and animals for your class to try and recreate... or can they come up with their own designs?
  • Thirty-Two Maths Follow Me Cards - Thirty-two printable questions and answers to share with your class... but the questions and answers don't match! Ask a child to read out the question on their card. The pupil who has the correct answer then reads it out and shares their question. How quickly will your class be able to answer all of the questions?
  • Eight Sets of Calculation Strips - Choose a sheet and cut out the strips of paper. Then jumble them up and ask your children to put them back together in the correct order! Eight different sheets are included (covering a variety of Maths concepts) with a blank template so that you (and your children) can make up your own questions.
  • One 3D Shape Foldable - Challenge your children to make this foldable resource to help them learn about the properties of 3D shapes!
  • Three Area and Perimeter Pictures - These differentiated resources challenge children to find the area and perimeter of parts of different images. Three images are included and alternative versions of each are available, with and without grid lines.
  • Four Maths Vocabulary Jigsaws - Help children to remember different mathematical vocabulary by asking them to put these printable jigsaws back together!
  • Four Number Bond Mazes - Four printable activity pages to help your children practise their number bonds to 10, 20, 100 and 1000! Includes answers for teachers and self-checking.
  • Three Balanced Diet Posters - A free printable poster to teach your children about balanced diets. Also includes two blank versions so that your children can add their own text!
  • One Wash Your Hands Poster - A handy poster that shows five steps for your pupils to follow, helping them to wash their hands effectively. This PDF resource also includes a set of five separate posters showing larger versions of the images from each step.
  • Six World Map Jigsaws - A collection of world maps that can be cut up, jumbled and then put back together. Includes three different maps and two difficulty levels for each!
  • Eleven 'How did you travel to school?' Posters - A set of printable posters (with a tally chart) to encourage your students to think about how they travelled to school. Includes an alternative 'How did you get here today?' version for pupils in other settings.
  • Twenty WALT / WILF / TIB / WAGOLL (and other) Posters - Help your children to understand what they are learning about with our 'We Are Learning To...', 'What I'm Looking For...', 'This Is Because...' and 'What A Good One Looks Like' posters... and many others! Available as printable PDF pages and editable Word documents.
  • Seventeen Classroom Warning Signs - A variety of 'warning' signs to inform visitors that learning /  teamwork / achievements are taking place in your class.
  • One Star Certificate - An editable certificate that can be used to reward pupils for their achievements.
  • Five Thinking Skills Posters - Posters with challenges and questions that get children thinking! Print the photos and use them for independent activities, or display the PDF on a large display and use them with your whole class!
  • Five Learning Reflection Posters - A set of posters to use at the start or the end of each day. Show them on a large display and ask the children to discuss the things they will / have learnt... or print and laminate them so that your pupils can write their responses on them!
  • One 'In This Classroom, We...' Display Pack - A complete set of resources to display at the entrance to your classroom.
  • Ten End of the Day Prompts - This resource is a set of posters that can used at the end of the day. Each poster includes a question for children to discuss. Encourage the pupils to share their answers with each other to reflect on their achievements every day! You could also record the answers somewhere!
  • One Set of 'Be...' Display Posters -  Encourage your children to be ambitious, brave, kind, loyal (and a wide range of other positive qualities) with our free display posters! Includes 50 words on a honeycomb texture and images of some friendly bees!

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The Goody Pack The Goody Pack The Goody Pack The Goody Pack

The Goody Pack The Goody Pack The Goody Pack The Goody Pack

The Goody Pack The Goody Pack The Goody Pack The Goody Pack

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Teaching Packs The Goody Pack Our wonderful Teaching Packs members have access to this special collection of resources. SKU UPC Model

The Goody Pack

Jul 28, 2015 by Kathy Puckett

So many helps in one convenient place!!
Just like all your other packs, this one is classroom-ready and packed-full of wonderful things.
Can't wait to use it!!!

The Goody Pack

Jul 19, 2015 by YCBC68

Another great resource. I am a great lover of flip books and foldables, so these are right up my street. Especially like the learning ladders - a bit fiddly to put together, but once completed the learners found them really useful and handy! Keep 'em coming. Thank you

Goody Pack

Feb 21, 2015 by Barbara Commens

This is an amazing pack of things that I didn't know that I needed, until I saw the variety and depth of resources in this pack. Yet again another winner. How do you keep thinking up helpful, positive, exciting resources. You are all super stars. Thank you Barbara.

Sep 06, 2014 by Cathryn

Lovely, prepared resources. Keep up the great work!

Goody Pack

Jul 23, 2014 by Carole Whiteley

I love this pack. A great variety of time-saving useful resources. I especially love the way some of them can be printed on small cards for easy reference and individual use. Fantastic!

Professional and Time Saving

Oct 08, 2013 by Chris

These packs are so professional and are packed with so many resources. I have used the punctauation pack for a great colourful display which my class and I can refer to all the time. The amount of time saved is also a massive bonus. Thank you!

5.0 5.0 6 6 THANK YOU ! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!So many helps in one convenient place!!Just like all your other packs, this one is classroom-ready and packed-full of wonderful things.Can't The Goody Pack
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