The Fractions Pack

The Fractions Pack includes a huge collection of activity resources, teaching guides and display materials to make fractions a bit less scary for your class!

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In this Teaching Pack...

  • A Seventeen page guide to Fractions  - Let Fractionstein teach your children about fractions with our PDF guide. Use it as a whole class teaching tool by sharing it on a large display, let children use it as an eBook on individual devices or print the pages and use them on your classroom walls! This is also available in a smaller card format for individual reference during lessons.
  • Three Sets of Fractions Vocabulary Cards - Twenty-four cards that explain key vocabulary linked to fractions. Blank versions are also available, so that children can make their own and discuss possible definitions.
  • Seventy-Eight Fractions Posters - A huge collection of posters showing every fraction from one whole (1/1) to twelve twelfths (12/12) using words, numbers and shapes. A great reference tool for your classroom, these posters could also be used as an activity resource! These are also available in a smaller card format.
  • Seventy-Eight Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Posters - Posters showing the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages for all fractions between one whole and twelve twelfths. They could also be cut up and used as a matching activity. Also available as smaller cards.
  • Sixty Activity Sheets - A huge set of activity sheets to reinforce children's understanding of different fractions skills.
  • Six Fraction Walls - A variety of fraction walls, in large and small sizes, showing different fractions and helping children to understand and compare their sizes.
  • Two Fractions Bookmarks - Printable bookmarks showing the comparative sizes of a range of fractions. Also includes a version that compares fractions, decimals and percentages.
  • One Set of Fractions Dominoes - Play dominoes by matching the fractions, decimals and percentages!
  • One Set of Fractions Follow Me Cards - Challenge your class to work together to solve the fractions, decimals and percentages questions on these follow me cards.
  • Two Sets of Fractions Snap Cards - Play snap and match the equivalent fractions. A version with fractions, decimals and percentages is also included.
  • Two 'Fractions on a Number Line' Resources - Challenge your pupils to position different fractions in the correct place on a number line. Includes all fractions from 1/2 to 12/12.
  • Three Display Banners - A selection of banners to decorate your classroom displays.

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Click on the thumbnails below to view samples of resources from The Fractions Pack. Don't forget to look at our Decimals Pack and Percentages Pack too!

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Teaching Packs The Fractions Pack The Fractions Pack provides a huge collection of teaching resources and classroom display materials to use in Maths lessons! SKU UPC Model


Aug 24, 2015 by Cheryl Hallier

I am currently teaching my class fractions, and your pack has made it so much easier for the children to understand. The illustrations are appealing and help the children grasp what fractions are all about. It has also been a huge time saver for me, not having to re-invent the wheel. Thanks for another awesome pack.


Jul 19, 2015 by Julie Dryden

My class groaned when I said it was time to work on fractions. However, after I went through the powerpoint to gauge the levels in the composite class, they began to enjoy themselves. Explained well and with good examples and the little booklet with hints from Fractionstein helped the whole class and myself get through our fractions work. Thank you!

Fab fractions

Jun 21, 2015 by Nicci Maddison

I have a group of disengaged year 5 boys- some girls struggle with fractions too, but this pack was really engaging and they caught on really quickly. I used the powerpoint as an introduction to each lesson stopping and starting as needed- going to the percentage and decimal packs now. Cheers

The Fractions Pack

Jun 17, 2015 by Judi

I teach intellectually delayed (learning disabled) students in grades 10-12. These students were just starting to learn about fractions and the Fractions Pack was an excellent resource to use. It helped the students to visualize the meaning behind fractions and why it is important to understand them. An excellent resource! Thank you.

Great Resource!

May 10, 2015 by Julia Rushford

This pack was great! It had pretty much everything I needed. I teach Yr 5 and this had resources to suit all this children in my class from the high flyers through to a child working at (the old) level 1. Will definitely use again.

Fractions pack

Mar 21, 2015 by Sue

I am currently in year 5 teaching , after being used to teaching year 1, reception and year 2! A huge jump, so when it came to teaching fractions there was a slight panic, but this pack is amazing and has come out every time we have learnt about fractions! As like all the others it is brilliant!

Fractions Pack

Mar 13, 2015 by Deirdre

I've just finished fractions with my class ....a topic I absolutely hated myself at school. The pack was bright and colourful and easy to use and made lessons I had dreaded teaching much easier.

Fractions Pack

Jan 18, 2015 by Ana Coyle

I home teach and its a daunting experience sometimes, especially fractions but this pack has been such a huge help in explaining everything simply. Many thanks for the time and effort that has been taken with pack


Nov 18, 2014 by Sandra Parker

I am currently using this pack, the children love it, it's bright and clear and so useful. Everything you need.

Fractions Pack

Oct 21, 2014 by Belinda

Fantastic pack that assisted me in teaching fractions to a Grade 3 class. It was wonderful having a variety of resources to choose from. Highly recommended.

4.8 5.0 38 38 Thank you so much for this very useful resource. I am teaching in a multi-class setting and found this resource most beneficial. With this resource I was able to teach the topic to The Fractions Pack
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