The Factors Pack

Learn about factors with this bumper collection of resources. It includes a topic overview, a wide variety of differentiated activity sheets and display resources to decorate your learning environment!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 11-Page Factors Guide – A handy guide that helps children to learn about factors, how to find them, factor rainbows, prime factors, factor trees, common factors and more!
  • One ‘Factor Rainbows’ Sheet – Can your children work out the factors of each number and write them at the base of the rainbow?
  • Two ‘Factor Grids’ Activities – A worksheet that challenges children to find all of the factors of different numbers.
  • One ‘Factor Trees’ Page – Factorise the numbers to complete the factor trees!
  • One ‘Match the Factors’ Task – Can your students match the numbers to the correct groups of factors?
  • One ‘Sort the Factors’ Activity – Sort the factors (and find common factors) by completing the Venn diagrams.
  • Three Mega Factor Challenges – Challenge your students to find the factors of every number up to 25, 50 and 100!
  • One ‘Using Factors in Multiplication’ Task – A handy sheet that helps children to use factors when multiplying large numbers.
  • Two ‘Prime Factors’ Sheets – Work out the prime factors of these numbers!
  • One ‘Find the Missing Factors’ Activity – This table shows the factors of different numbers but some factors are missing. Can your children spot them?
  • One Set of Factor Clues – Use your knowledge of factors to find the mystery numbers.
  • One ‘Common Factors’ Task – Can you work out the factors of each number and then identify the common factors?
  • One Set of Factors Bunting – Hang this bunting in your classroom when your children are learning about factors!
  • Two Factors Banners – A selection of banners to add to your Maths display boards.

The Factors Pack


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The Factors Pack
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