The Editing Skills Pack

Help your children to edit, improve and proofread their writing with the Editing Skills Pack! It includes informative guides, differentiated editing activities and resources to display in your classroom.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 13-Page Editing Skills Guide – Learn about the editing process with this helpful topic overview. It includes tips to help your children add, remove, move and substitute words and phrases in their writing. A set of ‘Tip Tips’ are also included, along with information about proofreading.
  • One Editing Skills Glossary – A set of words and definitions linked to this topic.
  • Three ‘Adding Words and Phrases’ Tasks – Activity sheets to help your children add words and phrases to sentences to improve them.
  • Three ‘Removing Words and Phrases’ Pages – Which words and phrases can be removed from these sentences and paragraphs?
  • Two ‘Moving Words and Phrases’ – Move the words and phrases to make them easier to understand.
  • Three ‘Substituting Words and Phrases’ – Edit and improve these sentences by substituting the words and phrases for new ones!
  • Five ‘Substitution Sketches’ – Change one of the words in these sentences and think about how that changes the meaning! Can your children create a sketch to show how the meaning has changed?
  • Ten ‘Edit a Text’ Pages – A collection of texts that can be used to test your children’s editing skills.
  • Six ‘Proofread a Text’ Challenges – A set of texts (available at different levels of complexity) that can be used for proofreading. Can your children add the missing punctuation and ensure that the texts are easy to understand?
  • Twelve ‘Improve the Sentences’ Tasks – Look at the images and use them to think of ways to improve the sentences.
  • Twelve ‘Improve the Paragraphs’ Pages – A set of paragraphs (with related images) that can be edited and improved by your children!
  • Two ‘Editing Vocabulary’ Activities – Can your children match these topic words to their definitions?
  • Two Improve Your Writing Posters – A set of handy reference posters that can be displayed to help your children remember the ARMS acronym.
  • Two Proofreading Posters – Posters that show the meaning of the CUPS acronym to your children.
  • Three Pages of Editing Vocabulary Labels – A collection of labels that you can use as the starting point for discussions or add to your classroom display boards.
  • One Set of Editing Skills Bunting – Hang this bunting when your children are learning about the editing process.
  • Three Banners – A selection of banners to use on your display boards.

The Editing Skills Pack


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The Editing Skills Pack
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Heather

Another great pack providing just what I was looking for ! Trying to get my students to edit their work is a challenge but the scaffolding used in these resources will be really helpful and they are presented in such an appealing format.

 by Maureen Brown
So Useful!!

Thank you to the team at Teaching Packs. The quality of your resources is first class and so well thought out. I work with a variety of ages in a Support for Learning Capacity. This requires unpacking basic skills to help them with the demands of assessments. This Editing pack is just a fantastic example of this!

 by Emma Strong

I love this pack. Just like every other pack I’ve used from Teaching Packs, it was helpful, easy to understand and easy to use in teaching.

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