The Comprehension Pack

Extend your children’s comprehension skills with this enormous teaching and activity resource pack! Includes a range of quality texts with differentiated questions that challenge your students to find, summarise, make inferences and deductions, predict and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Ten Page Comprehension Guide – A handy guide to different comprehension skills that you can share with your children. Includes information about reading skills, making connections, asking questions, checking the text, visualising, summarising, inference, deduction and more! Display this resource on an interactive whiteboard or print it our for reference / display purposes.
  • One HUGE list of Comprehension Questions – A collection of example questions that you can use as prompts when discussing texts with the children in your class. Students could also use these to come up with their own comprehension questions about a text that they have read.
  • Nine Sets of Comprehension Challenges – A wide variety of texts with related comprehension questions. Each text / answer sheet is differentiated three ways with answers for teachers.
  • Fifty Puzzling Pictures – Twenty intriguing images with a variety of question prompts to encourage your children to look closely, interpret the situation and make connections and inferences.
  • Twenty ‘What can you see, infer and ask?’ Image Prompts – A set of twenty pictures for your children to explore. Ask them to look carefully at each image and then identify what they can see, what they can infer and then think about what they would like to ask to find out more information.
  • Twenty ‘What do you know? What can you infer? What would you like to ask?’ Challenges – Read each passage of text and ask your children to identify what they know, what they can infer and what they would like to ask. Twenty different passages are available.
  • Twenty ‘What Happens Next?’ Prompts – A useful set of resources to support your children’s prediction skills. Can they work individually or together to use the information in the images / text and identify what might happen next? Different versions are available with space for one prediction… or with spaces for three. Which of these do your children think is most likely to happen (and why)?
  • Four ‘My Prediction Chart’ Resources – Printable tables that ask children to record their predictions for a text (in the form of images or text) with separate spaces to describe what actually happened.
  • Four ‘Comprehension Review’ Templates – A handy resource that challenges your students to think carefully about the texts that they are reading. Can they identify the characters / settings and summarise the plot? Can they find and define any new / unfamiliar vocabulary? Can they relate the text to other stories or experiences in their life? What questions would they like to ask about it?
  • Ten Storygram Activities – Help your children to visualise what they are reading with our Instagram-themed activity! Ask your students to read the text and draw an image that represents what they have just read.
  • Thirty-Six Fiction Question Cards – A set of question cards that you can use to discuss different aspects of a fiction text with your children. Also available as a single list of questions for teachers.
  • Five Summary Templates – Help your children to identify the main events in stories and other texts using our five different templates.
  • One Comprehension Certificate – Reward your children for their comprehension skills with our certificate.
  • One Set of Comprehension Bookmarks – A collection of bookmarks that your children can refer to when they are reading. Includes a range of questions to encourage them to analyse the text in different ways.

The Comprehension Pack


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The Comprehension Pack
Average rating:  
 34 reviews
 by Rebecca
Valued resource

The comprehension pack has fantastic resources to help teach your students how to make inferences. I have been using this resource for a few years now, and it is my go-to for comprehension activities.

 by Lizzy Kerley
Great reading pack

This is a very comprehensive (ha ha!) , comprehension pack. I have used it a lot with a variety of different ages. I like the fact there are lots of different styles of activities.

 by MesoMeso
The Comprehension Pack

This is a great website. Thanks a lot for your efforts. I found everything here.

 by Ashleigh
Couldn't be without this pack!

This teaching pack has everything you need to get started in exploring, teaching and revising comprehension. I have used the different activities with whole classes, small groups and individuals and the children find the tasks engaging. There is a good range of genres and many texts that cover a variety of subjects. The added bonus is there is also the'Comprehension Challenge' pack too!
A superb resources, thank you Mark & Helen 👍

 by Liz
Comprehension pack

A great variety of resources which I use with pupils with a range of SEN. The high quality images are engaging for them and the 'puzzling pictures' in particular are great for my pupils to do as independent tasks if they are writers, or group discussion for those with limited writing. 'What can you see, infer, ask' are so good for those tricky inference skills. Similarly 'what happens next' are great for teaching predictions skills.

 by Mrs Bryant
The Perfect Aid To Busy Days

I have been using these packs a lot with my Secondary SEN and EAL students. These comprehension packs have been a life saver when I am asked to provide independent work for my students to complete whilst I am tied up in Year 11 GCSE exams.
The ability to differentiate work is great too...
I can't wait to try out more packs as they become available.

 by Kaye

I think this resource (and other learning packs) are amazing, they save me so much time for comprehension tasks - they are also used for homework. As an NQT, I am still finding my feet with time management, so these are super! I also love the inspirational images pack, there's some great stuff in there for inference and imaginative writing. Thank you.

 by Michelle
Fully comprehensive Pack

This is an excellent set of resources however it would have 5 stars if it contained more Year 6 style SAT questions associated with the texts. The ones that are there such as the Healthy Eating and the Titanic for example are not stretching enough for the demands of the year 6 curriculum. The level of vocabulary needs to be at a much higher reading age or at least be able to select a text at this higher reading age to develop and engage your greater depth readers. But other than that I love it.

 by Joy Simpson
Dyslexia Friendly

In my role as a specialist teacher for young learners with a variety of difficulties that impact on the development of their literacy skills I need resources that are written well, but colourful and not too much text in a paragraph etc. The development of comprehension skills is so important and some resources can overwhelm the reader who faces challenge/over load. These resources are of high-interest, but the style and presentation suits the dyslexia-friendly approach that is so important. The Titanic article 'went down a treat'!!!

 by Rowan
Quality stuff!

What a blessing this Pack has been! I've often found it difficult to find comprehension materials, and these ones are real quality. The comprehension materials have been invaluable for my class, and for those children who needed extra practice.
Mostly, I've used the fiction and nonfiction comprehension exercises. They're just fantastic! All very interesting and readable, each one is repeated three times - an "easy" version of the text, that looks suitable for Years 2 or 3, a "medium" version, perhaps suitable for years 3 or 4, and a "hard" version, for years 5-6. Each one comes with a set of questions and answers. They are very well-written and target comprehension skills well.
I haven't yet used the other resources so much, but they certainly look very interesting - a guide to comprehension, and lots of exercises in describing and answering questions, as well as materials and exercises to use in comprehension sessions. I'm planning on using them more in the next year, when I shall be rethinking my comprehension plans.
Thanks again, Mark and Helen - terrific work!

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