The Ancient Maya Pack

Help your children to discover this fascinating period of History with our huge Ancient Maya resource pack! Includes a comprehensive guide to the topic with accompanying teaching, activity and display resources.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 58 Page Guide to Ancient Maya – A huge guide to Ancient Maya, covering jobs, religion, family life, clothing, food and drink, astronomy and more! A brilliant teaching and reference resource that your children can use to learn about this amazing civilisation. Includes a comprehensive glossary of related vocabulary.
  • Two Ancient Maya Quizzes – Review your children’s knowledge of Ancient Maya by using this quiz. It’s available as two printable quiz sheets or as an interactive PowerPoint presentation.
  • One Maya Timeline – A printable timeline that shows some of the main events in Maya history. Use it for a classroom display or for sorting / chronology / discussion activities.
  • One 20 Page Maya Image Pack – A collection of twenty-high quality images that you can use as the starting point for classroom discussions or on your display boards.
  • Three Maya Maths Resources – A handy poster that shows the numbers (from 0-20) used in Ancient Maya. Two sets of questions are also available to challenge your children’s calculation skills!
  • One Maya Calendar Resource – A diagram that shows the Tzolkin calendar that was created by the Maya. Can your children choose a day from the calendar and draw the image that represents it?
  • One Set of Maya Follow Me Cards – Can your children work together to answer the thirty-two questions on these follow me cards?
  • Nine ‘Maya Masks’ Resources – Teach your children about Maya masks with our templates. These can be printed and coloured on paper or downloaded for use in art software. A set of example photos are also included to give your children ideas and inspiration!
  • One Maya Vocabulary Challenge – Ask your children to create definitions for these Maya-themed words. Use the glossary in the Ancient Maya Guide for help if you need to!
  • Two Crosswords – Challenge your children’s knowledge of Ancient Maya with our differentiated crosswords!
  • Two Wordsearches – Wordsearches to help your children review some Maya-related vocabulary. Answers are included too!
  • Two Display Banners – Decorate your classroom display boards with our eye-catching banners!

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Ancient Maya Pack.


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The Ancient Maya Pack
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
 by Mil
Ancient Maya

I used this pack for learning with my son. I find the structure and the picture representation very age-related and very simply understandably written. My son prepared for the exam on the basis of this pack and achieved a very good grade.

 by Ben Dinnigan

The high quality of the resources have been incredibly useful to our Year 6 team who are currently teaching a unit on the Ancient Maya civilisation. The children have especially enjoyed using the mask templates to make their own Mayan masks that they will use at their end of topic celebration event. The children also enjoyed using the follow me cards as a way of extending their current learning knowledge.

 by Karen Cartwright

I used the resources to plan our Maya topic. The resources are high quality and engaging. We started with a reading journal using extracts from the Maya book this helped expand their knowledge. The timeline was a fantastic way of situating the Maya into topics they had already covered.

 by Edith
Amazing Topic Pack!

I used this last term to support all areas of cross curricular planning. The children loved reading the e-text and used it in English lessons to create their own guide to being a Mayan! The display photos are really effective and supported children with their learning using real imagery. Fun activities were great for the end of term as a last final topic lesson!

 by Edith
Magnificent Mayans

This pack is just perfect for my current topic - so many resources for displays, activities and aids to strengthen children's understanding and get them excited. The activities are varied so have really helped with some fab cross-curricular planning! Thank you!

 by jackie lucraft
Mayan Surprise

Teaching the Maya for the first time was quite difficult as there are not many resources available as there are for other topics.

imagine then my surprise when using this resource- fabulous display about the time line of events- this was used as a visual stimulus for the children to create their own timelines, we discussed the events- each pair chose a date/event researched it some more and in their own words presented it to the rest of the class. All the children learnt tons without having to do all the work and it was an enjoyable way to start off The Mayans. The pictures of the Gods were also enthralling for the class, they decided which ones they liked/disliked and then tried to find associate gods/ demons on other religions which seemed similar, we also discussed the rituals and ideas the Mayans believed in which created another in depth lesson surrounding rights/ beliefs and rituals. we also linked this to our own RE lessns and discussed how their beliefs could have interjected with ours!

Another fabulous display was used surrounding the calendar of the May- the children found it hard to understand the differences but we made our circular calendars and put the pictures around the edge with a split pin they could rotate them easily, looks great surrounding the Mayan display board!

Great work has been produced from using all these resources.

The teaching guide was by far the most useful resource for me as teacher; I could read up and learn before each lesson, enjoy and gasp in disbelief at some of the rituals but again very informative. Thank you- you made it so much easier to teach this subject.

 by Nicola Malthouse
Magnificent Mayans

This is a superb pack bursting with information. Lots of high quality, very informative resources, which I am looking forward to using. The ebook offers an insight to every aspect of the Mayan way of life. Thank you!

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