The Addition Pack

Support your children’s addition skills with our enormous resource pack! It includes a comprehensive topic guide, activity resources, a range of display materials and much more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 21 Page Addition Guide – Use this comprehensive teaching guide with your children! It covers what addition is, when we use addition, vocabulary, addition with number lines / number squares, number bonds, doubling, addition strategies and much more!
  • Three Sets of ‘Number Card Addition’ Resources – Can your children use the number cards to make addition sums with the total shown in each box? Can they think of different ways of making each number?
  • Six Sets of Addition Tables – Can your children complete these addition tables? Each one contains 25 different calculations to solve and there are six sets at different levels of difficulty.
  • Five Sets of ‘Find the Addition’ Challenges – Ask your students to find twenty different addition calculations in each of these grids! Five different sets are available.
  • Four Sets of ‘Addition Match’ Cards – Can your children find and match pairs of addition cards that have the same answers? Four sets are available at increasing levels of difficulty. The cards could also be used as flash cards to challenge children’s quick addition skills.
  • Nine Sets of Addition Puzzles – Can your children use the numbers on the puzzle pieces to make the other numbers shown? A set of blank templates is also included so that you can make your own challenges.
  • Four Sets of Addition Follow Me Cards – Cut out the cards and share them amongst the children in your class. Ask a child to read their question and the child with the answer should shout it out and then read the question on their card. Continue like this until you have answered all thirty two questions!
  • One ‘Spot the Problem’ Resource – Can your children identify the problems with these completed addition calculations? What mistakes have been made?
  • Forty Addition Challenge Cards – A set of cards that include a wide variety of addition concepts and activities. Use them as independent / group Maths activities or as part of a scavenger hunt!
  • Four Sets of ‘Shopping Lists’ Cards – Can your children calculate the total prices of the items on these shopping lists? Four different sets are available (at increasing levels of difficulty) in pounds, dollars and euros. A set of blank templates is also included so that you (or your children) can write your own shopping lists!
  • Twenty ‘Top 30’ Resources – A huge collection of activity sheets that challenge children to add smaller numbers (up to 10 and up to 20).
  • Two ‘Addition with a Number Line’ Challenges – Use the number line to solve these addition questions. Available at two levels of difficulty.
  • Two ‘Addition with a Number Square’ Challenges – Can your children answer these addition calculations, using the number square to help them? Available at two different levels of difficulty.
  • Five Sets of Horizontal Addition Resources – A large collection of addition activity sheets at a range of difficulty levels.
  • Five Sets of Column Addition Activity Sheets – A differentiated set of column addition worksheets for your children to complete.
  • Four Sets of ‘Doubles’ Challenges – Test your children’s doubling skills with these four activity sheets. They vary in difficulty and include answers for teachers and self-checking.
  • Three Sets of ‘Fact Families’ Challenges – Can your children make two addition calculations and two subtraction calculations using the numbers provided?
  • Five ‘Addition Grids’ Resources – Ask your children to complete these grids by adding the numbers at the top of each column to the numbers down the side.
  • Six ‘Addition Targets’ Resources – Practise adding 10, 9, 100 and 99 to the numbers inside these target boards!
  • Six ‘Adding Several Numbers’ Challenges – Improve your children’s ability to add three numbers at the same time with these handy resources.
  • Three Sets of ‘Missing Numbers’ Activities – A range of addition calculations with missing numbers! Can your children work out what is missing?
  • Five Sets of ‘Across-Downs’ – Ask your students to calculate the total of each row and column in these ‘across-down’ activities.
  • Five Sets of ‘Addition Boxes’ – Addition challenges set at different levels of difficulty. Can your children complete the empty boxes in each grid by working out the missing numbers? Answers are included.
  • One Addition Banner – Create an addition display board and use our free banner as part of it!
  • One Set of Addition Bunting – Hang this colourful bunting in your classroom when your children are learning about addition!

The Addition Pack


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The Addition Pack
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Janine
The addition pack

This is a great pack, I have used this currently as a home educator and it is has helped me with planning lessons and activities in relation to addition. Also it helps me clarify that my children have understood and check their understanding.
This is a fantastic tool and I've also used some of the other packs too. Thanks for such a great resource.

 by rebecca
Addition Pack

This is an excellent resource. The activities are differentiated to meet the needs of all students. I can see myself using the worksheets and games for HW.

 by Rowan
The Addition Pack

What a lovely pack! Just what I need. Comprehensive, handsomely made, and fun. I especially like the maths puzzles and the "spot the mistake" files!

 by Petra Turner
Excellent work again!

Thank you for creating yet another highly useful resource - which has so many possible applications in any classroom. Love and appreciate the work you do. 🙂

 by Rhonda
Great Variety of addition activities

I really like the variety of addition activities available in this pack--particularly the puzzle-type ones. I can easily make up some addition stations with many of these activities which will be great for extra practice and for when I have a substitute teacher in the room.

 by sb
addition pack

Great resource. Could be used as posters to teach the addition strategies. Clearly displayed.

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