The 3D Shapes Pack

Discover the wonderful world of 3D shapes with our enormous teaching resource pack. Includes plenty of printable goodies that you can use for whole class teaching, group and independent activities and as part of your classroom display boards!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Twenty-Five Page 3D Shapes Guide – A printable set of pages that you can use to teach your children all about 3D shapes and their properties. Also includes information about nets, planes of symmetry, volume and surface area.
  • Sixteen 3D Shapes Posters – Posters showing the names and images of different 3D shapes. A handy reference resource for your classroom walls! Available with and without a table showing the properties of each shape.
  • One 3D Shape Foldable – Challenge your children to make this foldable resource to help them learn about the properties of 3D shapes!
  • One Set of 3D Shapes Matching Cards – Sets of cards that show the names, pictures and properties of a selection of 3D shapes. Cut them up and ask your children to match the cards together again!
  • Forty 3D Shapes Challenge Cards – A collection of forty 3D shapes challenges that your children can try! They’re great as class activities, extension tasks or homework challenges!
  • One Set of 3D Shapes Follow Me Cards – Can your children work together to answer all thirty-two questions in this set?
  • Twenty 3D Shapes Photo Cards – Images of a variety of objects and places. Can your children identify the 3D shapes in each picture? Use these cards as a starting point for talking about the use of 3D shapes in everyday objects!
  • Two 3D Shapes Charts – A chart that shows the number of faces, edges and vertices on different 3D shapes. Also includes a blank version so that your children can complete the properties themselves!
  • One Cube Nets Activity – Ask your children to work out which of the nets will form a cube!
  • Fifteen Printable Paper Templates – A large collection of paper templates that you children can use to draw 3D shapes and create their own 3D nets. Includes squared paper, triangular paper and dotty paper at a range of sizes.
  • Seven Printable Nets – Create your own cubes, cuboids, tetrahedrons, pyramids and prisms with our printable shape nets!
  • Five Counting Cubes Challenges – How many cubes can be found in each of the shapes? Includes five different pages, at a variety of difficulty levels, with answers for teachers.
  • Ten Volume and Surface Area Challenges – Challenge your students to calculate the volume and surface area of a range of 3D shapes using these printable challenges.

We know that some schools / countries prefer the term ‘3D objects’, so alternative versions of many of these resources are available for our members. Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the 3D Shapes Pack.


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The 3D Shapes Pack
Average rating:  
 19 reviews
 by Michele Gladden
3D Shapes Pack

This pack gave excellent and extensive coverage of the topic. It was fun and engaging for my students. I adapted it to cover all the levels of ability in my classroom. Thank you for this help.

 by sadie
3 D Shapes

Brilliant resource as are all the packs. Membership is well worth it. Many thanks

 by TGT
Great resource

I am so happy that I bought a membership to this website! It has saved me hours and hours of finding materials. This pack has been very helpful for my Grade 2 students. I found that the material was suitable for my students and allowed me to challenge them a little more too.

 by Angela Poulton
Useful display

I displayed the relevant pages on my working wall for the children to read while they were lining up. Children seemed to enjoy the different characters and looking at the pictures.

 by laura
brilliant resource!

Amazing pack - it really inspired my son to learn more about 3d shapes and now he can spot and name many of them in everyday settings. Every download we have used has been a roaring success, such a great website. Thanks guys, keep up the good work 🙂

 by Carly Green
Very useful resource

Currently using this pack with my 11 and 8 year old boys (we are home educating), who are very much enjoying the activities included. Some of them are rather reminiscent of Minecraft I believe! It also ties in well with the area and perimeter & angles packs, which we are planning on using after this. Thank you for the effort put into making it all so engaging and interesting.

 by Gerard N
Fantastic and so refreshing!

This pack like many others contains such a variety of activities that there is something for everyone, especially at KS2 level. The resources are bright and colourful which makes a subject such as maths really engaging and fun! The possibility to print many of the resources is a great bonus and fantastic time saver for busy teachers! Thank you for your hard work and creativity in consistently producing quality resources!

 by Darren Moynihan
Motivating for the class!

I have used resources from this pack for the past few years and it's fantastic. The resources suit a variety of ages and abilities so it's very easy to differentiate when needed. The children are so motivated by the hands-on practical templates. Another super SUPER RESOURCE! THANK YOU!!!

 by Chantelle Denyer
Amazing Resource!

I absolutely love this website and all the resources it provides! It saves me time and effort knowing I can come to this page for useful resources - instead of sifting through junk on the internet! Most importantly, the kids love the resources and it is helpful to their learning!

 by Gráinne Ni Dhuinnín
Wonderful resource

My boys in 3rd class loved this last year. A variety of resources to help teach the topic well. I have the same class grouping this year and look forward to using this resource again.

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