“Are they speech marks or are they inverted commas?” asked Mr. Warner.

Our Punctuation Pack was one of the first packs available when Teaching Packs launched last month and it has been one of the most popular. The pack contains lots of posters and activity resources to help children to remember (and use) correct punctuation. The original resources all referred to –> ” ” <– as speech marks. However, after publishing the pack, I received a message from one of our members, Nikkii, who mentioned that the new SPAG tests referred to them as inverted commas.

 Inverted Commas - The Punctuation Pack

Following this great suggestion, I have now made additional versions of these resources that use the term ‘inverted commas’. Existing Teaching Packs members can download these from the Members Area. If you aren’t a member yet, register here and access all of our resources within a few minutes!


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