For the past few weeks, I’ve been planning and creating our new Maths Vocabulary Pack. The pack will include posters, reference cards and activity sheets to help children to remember the meaning of a wide range of mathematical words. It’s taking quite a while because there is a lot to cover. So far, I’ve made 76 posters and I have at least 15 more to make… along with the related activity resources!

I’m hoping that the pack will be finished in a week or two, so that all of our wonderful Teaching Packs members can download it and use it in their classrooms. In the meantime, here is a special preview. Just click on the images to see more…

Lines - Teaching Packs Preview Reflective Symmetry - Teaching Packs Preview 2D or 3D - Teaching Packs Preview Analogue Clocks - Teaching Packs Preview

Pictograms - Teaching Packs Preview Ratio - Teaching Packs Preview Square Numbers - Teaching Packs Preview Maths Equipment - Teaching Packs Preview

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