What Just Happened?

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What do you think he has seen? Write a social media post about it. What details would you include?


  • What has he seen?
  • How is he feeling?
  • What might happen next?
  • What questions could you ask him to find out about what has happened?
  • Where is this happening?
  • Why is he on his own in the car?
  • Look at car safety for children. Why is it important to wear a seat belt? How do they keep you safe? How do they work?
  • Use a thesaurus to find synonyms for the word shock. Place them on a line from weakest to strongest.
  • Use a mirror to practise making different facial expressions to show different emotions, then take a picture of yourself making that expression. Can other people recognise the emotion from your selfie? Add vocabulary to make a display.

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