Three Doors

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Megan stood before the doors, heart pounding. Which one should she open?

  • Where in the world might this be?
  • What kind of building is this?
  • Who or what is behind each door?
  • Which door would you open?
  • What differences can you spot between the doors?
  • Which door might open first?
  • This picture is made up of rectangles. Design your own image made up of just one shape.
  • Design a simple door, and cut it out, leaving a flap of paper down one side. On another piece of paper, draw the outline of the door and write or draw what can be found on the other side. Stick the door on using the flap, so that the door can be opened to see what is behind it. 
  • Use this interactive tessellation creator to explore tessellation with different shapes. 

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