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Write the story of how this superhero got his superpowers. What was his life like before? What impact did gaining superpowers have on him?
  • What are his powers?
  • What do you think his name is?
  • How is he feeling in this picture?
  • What do you think he will do next?
  • What would you say to him if you were in this scene?
  • Make your class into superheroes using a simple collage technique. Print out photographs of the children’s faces. Glue each one onto a piece of paper, near the top, and draw the outline of a superhero costume underneath. Collage the costume using fabric, paper, or any other materials you have to hand.
  • Look at superhero slogans and catchphrases; for example “Hulk smash!” or “My spidey senses are tingling”. What do you notice about them? Make up some new ones.
  • Who is a hero to you? Discuss the “everyday heroes” in our lives. What makes them special?

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