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Write a set of safety instructions for working in this place. What actions should people take to make sure that they are working safely? Could this woman improve her safety?
  • What do you think she is making?
  • Why are sparks coming off the wheel?
  • What is she thinking?
  • Why is she wearing big goggles?
  • What will happen to that part when she has finished milling it on the machine?
  • Carry out a scratch test on several different types of rock. Using a nail, try to make a mark on the rocks. If the nail scratches the rock, the nail is harder than the rock. If, however, the nail leaves a line of metal on the rock, the rock is harder than the nail.    Which is the most durable? Which would be the best to make this kind of wheel from?
  • Design a pair of safety goggles. What would you make them out of? What shape would they be?
  • Choose an object in your classroom and challenge the children to think about how it was made. What processes were used? What kind of machines would you need?

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