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This is a picture of the scientist Marie Curie, taken in her laboratory. Find out about her work and write a biography of her. This video is a good starting point.


  • What is she looking at?
  • What do you think her job is?
  • When do you think this photo was taken?
  • What do you think the equipment in the laboratory is for?
  • Think of a question that you would like to ask her.
  • Marie Curie worked on X-rays and invented a mobile X-Ray vehicle that was used during World War I. Find out how X-rays work and make an information leaflet about them.
  • Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel prize and the first person to win two. Three other people have won two Nobel prizes; Linus Pauling, John Bardeen and Frederick Sanger. Make a poster with information about these four double Nobel prize winners.
  • Marie Curie was not able to go to Warsaw University because it was only for men. She did not let this stop her though; she and her sister studied at the unofficial “Floating University”, which was set up in secret for people who could not get into the University. Write a report on her education, and how she overcame barriers.

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