Man in the Mirror

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When I look in the mirror, what do I see?

  • Who is this man?
  • Why can’t you see his reflection?
  • What would you ask him?
  • If you were invisible, what would you do?
  • How do you think the man is feeling?
  • Try this super Number Hat idea in your maths lesson.
  • The artist Rene Magritte painted very similar images to this. Have a look at some of his work, and enjoy this video of the book Magritte’s Marvellous Hats.
  • Can you make a picture like this? 
    • Draw, paint or photograph a person from the front and from the back, wearing a hat (or other headgear). 
    • Make a colour copy of each (if necessary). 
    • Cut out the figure seen from the back.
    • Cut out the clothes and headgear of the figure seen from the front.
    • Stick a square tin foil onto a sheet of paper to make a mirror and stick the cutouts on as in the image.

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