Cup of Tea?

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Write an Instruction text on how to make a cup of tea. Remember to include information about how to keep safe as you are using boiling water and electricity.
  • What time of day do you think it is?
  • Who is the drink for?
  • What is the woman in the picture going to do when she has finished her meal?
  • What is cooking in the frying pan on the hob?
  • Why is there a cactus next to the hob?
  • Make a poster showing how to keep safe around electrical appliances in the home.
  • Design and make your own healthy breakfast cereal recipe.
  • Investigate what happens to water when it boils. Measure an amount of water into a kettle and boil the kettle. Once the water has cooled so that it is safe to handle, measure how much water is left. What has happened to the water?

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