Beard of Flowers

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Write a magazine article about this new fashion for men. Include tips on how to wear flowers in your beard and quotes from flower beard wearers.

  • How does the man feel about the flowers?
  • Why do you think he did it?
  • How do you think he did it?
  • What do you think people’s reactions are when they see him?
  • What is he looking at?
  • Research the history of beards through the ages, this Newsround article has examples to get you started. Make a presentation with examples of beards from the past.
  • Arcimboldo often used fruit and other objects to make the features of his portraits. Have a look at some, for example, this portrait of a librarian – have a go at using everyday objects to make a bearded face and photograph the result.
  • Use computer software to add flowers (or other images) to pictures.

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