Animal Adventures

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We had been sailing for weeks without sight of land. Privately, some of the crew had begun to express the view that we would never make it home. Lookout duties had fallen to me on that morning, and I reluctantly climbed the rigging to the crow’s nest. I expected to see nothing but flat, featureless, open sea, so imagine my surprise when, to the northwest, I caught sight of what appeared to be a boat, full to overflowing with strange and exotic animals…

  • Why do you think the animals are in the boat?
  • What will happen next?
  • Choose one of the animals and describe how they are feeling.
  • Where is the boat going?
  • Who is the leader of the group?
  • What is the giraffe looking at?
  • Compare this picture with the story of Noah’s ark. What are the differences and similarities?
  • Identify the habitats for each animal in the boat. Mark on a world map where each one might have come from.
  • Write your own version of “Who Sank the Boat?” by Pamela Allen, using five animals from this picture.

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