An Unlikely Crew

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Improve this rather boring sentence…

A lion, rhino, elephant and giraffe were in a boat.

  • What will happen next?
  • How did the animals get into the boat?
  • Why are they all looking in the same direction?
  • Where in the world is this?
  • What is the circular object in front of the giraffe and what is its purpose?

  • Make a fact file about one of the animals in the boat. Include important information such as; appearance, habitat, diet, life span, threats, other interesting facts.
  • In the picture the boat and animals are reflected in the water. Write a scientific explanation of how that works.
  • Look at some fine art pictures that feature reflections in water. Monet, Renoir are good examples of this. What techniques does the artist use? Have a go at painting your own!

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