An Open Gate

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“Someone has left the gate open again”, Mr Hill thought as he trudged across the field… “

  • Who left the gate open?
  • What time of day is this?
  • What might the consequences of leaving the gate open be?
  • What is on the other side of the gate?
  • What left the tracks in front of the gate?
  • What happens next?
  • Discuss why gates should be shut or left open, what might be the consequences of not shutting a gate? When might it be a good idea to leave a gate open? If you are in the UK, look at the countryside code for more information.
  • Look at some fields from the air, using Google Earth or aerial photographs. What do you notice? Try looking at fields in different parts of the world, and compare them.
  • Design a gate that cannot be left open. How would the mechanism work?

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