The Fractions Pack

Help your children to explore the wonders of space with our enormous teaching resource pack! It’s filled with child-friendly reference materials, eye-catching display posters and a wide range of activity resources.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Fifty-Three Page Space Book – A child-friendly guide to space with clear text and eye-catching illustrations. Use the pages for independent research, shared reading activities and whole class teaching. Also includes a huge glossary.
  • Two Space Word Mats – Handy word mats showing a range of space vocabulary. Fantastic reference resources for your children!
  • One Enormous Space Exploration Timeline – Make a timeline on your classroom walls using our printable event cards. Includes fifty of the main events related to space discovery and exploration. A smaller set of cards is also available, which can be used for sorting / reference activities.
  • Twenty-Four High Quality Space Images – A printable pack of photos / illustrations of planets, space shuttles, astronauts and more. Use them for discussion, research and on your classroom displays!
  • Twelve Space Writing Prompts – Inspiring images that your children can use as the starting point for some space-themed writing.
  • One ‘Size of the Planets’ Resource – A handy chart that helps children to compare the sizes of the planets in the Solar System.
  • One Ordering the Planets Activity – Challenge your students to think of some mnemonics to help them remember the correct order of the planets.
  • One ‘Mass of the Solar System’ Activity – Help your children to think about the mass of the objects in the Solar System with this simple activity!
  • One Set of Follow Me Cards – Give a card (or two) to each child in your class. Ask one of the children to read out their space-themed question. The person with the correct answer reads it out and then reads their question. Continue like this until all thirty-two questions have been answered correctly!
  • One True or False Activity – A set of thirty-two statements about space… but which are true and which are false? Includes answers for teachers and self-checking.
  • Two ISS Comprehension Activities – Two differentiated texts describing the ISS (International Space Station), with sets of related questions to answer.
  • One Space Crossword – Review your children’s knowledge of space vocabulary with our handy crossword (includes answers!).
  • Two Space Wordsearches – Challenge your children to find different space words in our two printable wordsearches.
  • Six Display Resources – Decorate your classroom with our posters, banners and eye-catching images!

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Space Pack.

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