Our latest Teaching Pack is now available. The new Fractions Pack (featuring Fractionstein who we mentioned last week) includes over 250 printable pages of resources, including:

  • A Seventeen page guide to Fractions
  • Seventy-Eight Fractions Posters
  • Seventy-Eight Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Posters
  • Sixty Activity Sheets
  • Six Fraction Walls
  • Two Fractions Bookmarks
  • One Set of Fractions Dominoes
  • One Set of Fractions Follow Me Cards
  • Two Sets of Fractions Snap Cards
  • Two ’Fractions on a Number Line’ Resources
  • Three Display Banners

Click on a thumbnail image below to see some samples from the resource pack:

There are still a number of other fractions teaching resources that we would like to add to this pack, so it will be updated again in the near future. Members of Teaching Packs can download these resources from the Members Area now. If you’re not a member yet, join now to use the pack in your classroom today!

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