Early Morning Activities for Older Learners

Our Early Morning Activity Packs (see Pack One and Pack Two) have been some of our most popular resource packs. They offer hundreds of educational activities that can be completed at the start of every day (when children first arrive in the classroom, as teachers as busy taking registers etc). The original packs were created for use in classrooms by children of school age.

However, one of our members recently got in touch to ask if we could adapt the resources and make them more appropriate for older learners. So, we have recently published new versions of the packs which include images of older teenagers and adults (instead of the photos of children). References to ‘school’ in some of the activities have also been removed, so that the packs can be used in a variety of settings.

If you’re already a member of Teaching Packs, you can download these updated resources in the Members Area now. If you’re not a member yet, visit our Membership page to find out how you can use these teaching resources today!

Thanks to Carey for this brilliant suggestion!

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