New Display Packs for Schools!

We’re very excited to announce that we are now starting to add new display packs to Teaching Packs!

These new packs include bundles of printables that can be used to create ready-made displays for your classroom, so that you don’t have to use up valuable time finding or creating your own display materials. Many of these packs are designed to create interactive displays to test your children’s spelling or Maths skills. Others include related activity sheets and writing templates, so that you can add your children’s work to the display too!

Here is a quick overview of the eight display packs that we have created so far…

New Display Packs for Schools!

To download any of these packs, click on the links below:

  1. Boggle – Develop your children’s word-building skills with this interactive pack! Make a Boggle display and challenge your students to make new words using the letters you add to the board each day.
  2. Book Barn – Celebrate books and reading in your classroom by making our animal-themed book display! It can be used to share children’s book reviews (using our included template), to highlight popular / upcoming books and more!
  3. Classroom Timeline – Make a classroom timeline in your learning environment with our printable display pack. It includes over 120 posters, labels, banners and activity sheets to use!
  4. Be… – Encourage your children to reflect on their positive qualities with our ready-made bee-themed display pack! Use your ‘Be… Display’ to highlight words that describe those traits and to think about how children are demonstrating them each day.
  5. Class Birthdays – Make a class birthday display with a retro gaming theme. It includes monthly posters on which to write your children’s birthdays, display characters, stars and balloons and more!
  6. Noggle – Use this printable pack of ‘Noggle’ display resources to make a fun daily Maths challenge for your children! Just choose a set of numbers from the collection provided and ask your students to use those to make other numbers. Can they make your chosen target number?
  7. We are SUPER – Make an eye-catching superhero display with our printable wellbeing resources! Help your children to reflect on why they are super with these activity and display materials.
  8. What is the Question? – Make an interactive Maths display board with our handy pack! Just choose a number and ask your children to think of questions with that answer. Prompts are also provided to help your children come up with more complex questions.

We always love hearing feedback about our resources, so if you have any thoughts about these new packs (or suggestions for new display packs that we can create in the future), please get in touch!


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