Do your children struggle to remember different Maths words? Do they get confused about words like cylinder, consecutive, compass and calculate? Our new Maths Vocabulary Pack is now available to help!

Maths Words - Maths Equipment

The pack includes:

  • A 92 page eBook – with posters that provide explanations and examples of different Maths topics.
  • Vocabulary cards – ideal for printing so that children can refer to them during lessons.
  • Challenge sheets – to test children’s knowledge of their Maths vocabulary.
  • Labels – to use on classroom displays.
  • Crosswords and wordsearches – a fun way of reinforcing children’s understanding.

These resources can be used in a wide variety of ways in the classroom: show them on a large display for whole class teaching, print them and use them during guided reading or maths activities, or add them to a class display to support independent working in lessons.

The Maths Vocabulary Pack is the largest Teaching Pack that we have created so far and it is now available for all of our members. Just visit the Members Area to download the resources. If you’re not already a member, you can join us here and download our fantastic new resources within a few minutes!


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