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Our mental health and wellbeing is just as important as our physical health. We can take care of it in lots of ways for example; by making sure we keep our body healthy, by having good relationships with others and by talking about our feelings.

Looking after your mental health and wellbeing is important so that you can enjoy your life to the full and take part in all the opportunities that come your way!

Teach your children about wellbeing using our handy topic guide!

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Wellbeing Facts

  • Everybody has mental health, just like physical health. How we feel changes during the day and over time.
  • Exercise is one of the best things you can do to improve your mood and keep healthy.
  • The study of how minds work is called psychology.
  • Laughter has a positive effect on your mood and lowers stress.
  • Good quality sleep is important for your mood and memory. The amount of sleep you need gets less as you get older; 5 year olds should have 11 hours sleep a night, but 11 year olds need 9 hours 30 minutes.


What is a good mistake?

Tom is worried about taking risks and making mistakes. See how this starts to change when he does a science project with Caitlin.

Running time: 4:18

Talking Mental Healthc

This animation is designed to help start conversations about mental health.

Running time: 5:27

What are the 5 Ways to Wellbeing?

This video, made by teenagers, introduces the 5 ways to wellbeing.

Running time: 1:21

Know Your Emotions

This video is a good overview for children to understand how emotions affect them.

Running time: 4:04

Lucy’s Blue Day

Lucy’s emotions show in her hair; what happens when she wakes up feeling blue?

Running time: 4:39



Older primary children will love this moving book about how Auggie adjusts to going to school, after being home schooled by his parents.

Don't Feed The WorryBug

Wince is a worrier, and the more he worries, the bigger his worry bug grows. A great book for starting conversations about worry and anxiety.

Pilar's Worries

Pilar uses her coping strategies to overcome her worries about auditioning for a part in a ballet.

My Many Coloured Days

Younger children will enjoy this Dr Seuss book describing mood through colour.

What I Like About Me!

This rhyming book celebrates the differences in a group of friends.

I Can't Do That, YET

When Emma has a dream that shows the future, she begins to believe in herself and her abilities.

Beautiful OOPS

A brilliant book that shows how every mistake can lead to an adventure.

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse

A beautiful book about friendship, kindness and taking care of yourself.

The Unworry Book

A beautiful book about friendship, kindness and taking care of yourself.

Your Fantastic Elastic Brain

A super introduction to how your brain works.

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