Symmetry is an important idea in maths and science.

When a shape is exactly the same on both sides, as if it were reflected in a mirror along a line, it is said to have symmetry. Some examples of regular polygons that have symmetry are a square, a circle and an equilateral triangle.

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Symmetry Facts

  • When a shape or picture has symmetry, it is symmetrical.
  • A shape or picture that does not have symmetry, is said to be asymmetrical.
  • You can check if a shape is symmetrical by cutting it out of paper and seeing if it can be folded exactly into two halves, along a line of symmetry.
  • Symmetry can be found in the natural world, for example in the honeycomb of a beehive or the arrangement of petals on a flower.
  • The Taj Mahal is an example of a symmetrical building. Not only is the building symmetrical, in includes many symmetrical patterns in the floors and decorations.


Intro to Symmetry

A wonderful video that can be used to introduce your children to the concept of symmetry.

Running time: 2:35

Symmetry Song for Kids

A song that you can use to help your children learn about symmetry!

Running time: 3:14

The Symmetry Trick

This video shows a ‘trick’ that can be used to help your children draw symmetrical pictures.

Running time: 5:21

Create a Symmetrical Butterfly

An art demonstration that you can follow to create your own painting of a symmetrical butterfly.

Running time: 4:07


Look Twice

A card mirror is the key to this amazing exploration of visual and verbal connections. Each of the pictures can be transformed by means of the mirror into a pair of opposites.

What is Symmetry in Nature?

This fantastic reference book for children shows actual examples of symmetry in life.

Is It Symmetrical?

A wonderful book for younger children, with clear pictures and simple text, to introduce them to symmetry.

Seeing Symmetry

This clear and concise book explains different types of symmetry and shows you how to make your own symmetrical masterpieces.

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