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It is important to be able to spell correctly, so that other people can read our writing and know what we mean.

There are lots of interesting ways to practise spellings and learn spelling rules.

Teach your children about spelling using our handy topic guide!

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Teaching Ideas



  • Use our enormous Phonics Pack to support your younger readers.
  • Our Prefixes Pack is full of activities and information about prefixes and root words!
  • Our Spelling Games Pack is full of perfect activities for spelling practice!

The Spelling Games Pack

Spelling Facts

  • Words that sound the same but are spelt differently are known as homophones. There are lots of these in English, including sun and son, wait and weight and break and brake. Be careful to choose the correct spelling!
  • The English alphabet has 26 letters, which can be used to make the 44 sounds used in the language.
  • A spoken sound is called a phoneme, and the letter or letters used to represent a sound in writing is called a grapheme.
  • Many English words originate from other languages. For example cookie comes from Dutch, whereas biscuit comes from Latin. This helps to explain why there are so many different ways to spell the same word in English.
  • A mnemonic is a saying which helps you to spell tricky words. The first letter of each word in the saying give the correct spelling. A well-known one is Big Elephants Cannot Always Use Small Exits. Do you know any more?



Part of the Wonderful Words series from BBC Teach, this video recaps the rules for using prefixes.

Running time: 4:12

Spelling Rule Rap: Adding ‘ing’ and ‘ed’

A fun rap to help children remember the rules about doubling consonants when adding suffixes.

Running time: 3:25

How to spell: only use full when full

A useful video for remembering how to use the suffix “full”.

Running time: 3:20

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /tion/ spelling

Part of a series from Mr T’s Phonics, Geraldine learns the sound tion.

Running time: 3:35


10 Minutes A Day Spelling

Lots of quick spelling activities for children.

200 Tricky Spellings in Cartoons

A book of cartoons to help learn those tricky spellings!

School Spelling Dictionary

Unlike an ordinary dictionary, this book allows children to check if their spellings as correct.

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