The ancient Romans were one of the most advanced and successful civilisations in history. Two thousand years ago, they created a huge and extremely well organised Empire. They built large towns, roads and structures, some of which can still be seen today.

Throughout the Empire, the Roman way of life was followed. People wore Roman clothes, worshipped Roman gods and used Roman currency to buy and trade. Part of this success was because foreigners in conquered lands could become a Roman citizen.

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The Romans Pack

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  • This resource pack to accompany Jeremy Strong’s book *Romans on the Rampage* includes lesson plans and resources.

Romans Knowledge Organiser

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Roman Facts

  • According to legend, Rome was founded in 753BC by Romulus and his twin Remus. The brothers argued and Romulus killed Remus. He then named the city after himself!
  • The Romans made three attempts to invade Britain. Julius Caesar tried in 55BC and again in 54BC. The third, successful invasion was led by Emperor Claudius in 43AD.
  • Roman children wrote on a wax tablet with a stylus, a writing implement made of metal or bone. It had a sharp end for writing and a flat end for rubbing out.
  • Gladiators were often slaves or prisoners of war. They were taught to fight at a ludus gladatorius (gladiator school). Different types of gladiators fought with different weapons.
  • The Romans used numerals to record numbers. They did not use zero, so there is no numeral for it. The Romans probably didn’t write down calculations, but used an abacus instead.


The Roman Empire and its effect on Britain

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. Historian Bettany Hughes explores what made Britain so attractive to the ancient Romans that they made it a province of their great empire.

Running time: 7:25

A Day In The Life of a 10-Year-Old In Roman Britain

Eric visits an archaeological dig and spots something shocking. He travels back to Roman Britain, where he lives the life of a rich kid; eating weird food, having fun with his pet duck and trying to wear a toga without embarrassing himself.

Running time: 2:37

Ancient Rome for Kids

Learn facts about ancient Rome in this fun history video for kids! We will walk through the history of ancient Rome, learning about their government and their culture.

Running time: 12:54

A day in the life of a Roman soldier

This video explains what life was like for a solider in the Roman army.

Running time: 4:59

Life in Roman Britain

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. An exploration of life in Roman Britain shown through the eyes of a Roman family.

Running time: 5:29


The Roman Mysteries

This book, called The Thieves of Ostia, is the first in Caroline Lawrence’s internationally bestselling Roman Mysteries series.

Escape from Rome

This it the first in a historical adventure series from Caroline Lawrence, set in Roman Britain during the reign of the evil Emperor Domitian.

The Roman Soldier's Handbook

This survival guide for studious centurions is about how to stay alive in the Roman army. It reveals all the gruesome truths of life in the Roman army including what soldiers ate, wore and how they lived.

Ancient Rome

How did the Romans shape our world? What was life like for the average Roman? Find out in Eyewitness Ancient Rome and discover all about Romans and their civilization.

What the Romans did for us

This child-friendly guide to the Romans and their impact on life in Britain covers everything from language to food and from roads to toilets!

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