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People love watching plays! Because they are designed to be acted as well as read, playscripts are written out in their own special format. At the front of a playscript, you will find a list of the characters that are in it. Plays are usually performed on a stage.

Playscripts can be based on well known stories, or they can be completely original!

Teach your children about playscripts using our handy topic guide!

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Teaching Ideas

  • Plan a scene for a movie with this useful template.
  • Choose a short scene, with lots of dialogue, from a book that the children know well to turn into a playscript.
  • Show the children a short film without dialogue, and ask them to write a playscript based on it. Something like Playmate would be a good stimulus.
  • Give children an image to improvise a scene around; for example, try using these images as a stimulus for a scene set on a bridge!
  • Writing a whole playscript can be daunting; split the class into smaller groups to write a scene each.
  • Use drama games to warm children up before they start working on performing their playscripts.


Playscripts Facts

  • The Ancient Greeks held competitions for the best plays. The earliest known was held in Athens in 534 BCE.
  • Speech marks are not needed when you are writing dialogue for a playscript.
  • Stage directions tell the actors what to do, and are written inside brackets on a playscript – you do not need to read them out!
  • Some playscripts have a narrator, who tells the story.
  • Any objects that are needed to perform a play are known as props.


Write a script

What is it like to write a script for television? Find out in this video.

Running time: 5:11

PLAYWRITING! with Mark Hopkins

Playwright Mark Hopkins gives a simple structure for writing a play.

Running time: 7:54

Writing a playscript

This video presentation is a good summary of the steps needed to write an original playscript.

Running time: 4:00


Fantastic Mr Fox: The Play
A short play based on the well loved Dahl book.
Play Time: Plays for all ages

Eleven short plays for primary aged children.

12 Fabulously Funny Fairy Tale Plays

These funny plays based on fairy tales are perfect for a play writing topic.

Mr William Shakespeare's Plays

Enjoy seven of the Bard’s plays in comic-strip versions.

All About Theatre

Older primary children will love finding out how plays are performed on stage.

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