Pirates Topic Guide

Shiver me timbers! What do you see when you imagine a pirate? Perhaps they have a wooden leg, or a parrot on their shoulder. Are they carrying a sword, or wearing an eye patch?

These are the images of pirates we see in books and films, but what were pirates really like?

Teach your children about pirates using our handy topic guide!

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  • Our Pirates Pack is bursting with facts and resources for your topic.

Pirates Facts

  • A pirate is someone who robs ships.
  • The period known as the “Golden Age of Piracy” occurred during the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • Mary Read was a female pirate in the early 18th century. She dressed as a man and was a fierce fighter.
  • The pirate flag that shows a skull and crossbones is called a “Jolly Roger”. It was flown to warn ships that they were about to be attacked, and frighten the crew.
  • Welshman Bartholomew Roberts (Black Bart) is widely thought to be the most successful pirate ever; he plundered (stole from ) hundreds of ships!


The Pirates Next Door

A lively reading of the book by its author, Johnny Duddle.

Running time: 8:23

We are the Pirates

A catchy song that children will enjoy singing along to.

Running time: 3:01

The Definitive History of Pirates

A brief animation that gives a good overview of pirates in the Golden Age for older children.

Running time: 4:05

Putrid Pirates

A collection of Horrible Histories sketches and songs all about pirates.

Running time: 15:44


Pirates Don’t Go to School

Jake’s family are horrified when he wants to go to school. Pirates just don’t go to school! Or do they?

Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs

Flinn stumbles across a pirate in the art cupboard, and they set sail to rescue his ship!

Captain Jack and the Pirates

A family day out turns into a piratical adventure.

Pirate Stew

What happens when your babysitter turns out to be a pirate?

Voyage to Magical North

A magical story with a pirate adventure for older children.

The Night Pirates

When Tom is woken up by noises, he finds out that pirates are stealing the front of his house…

Meet the Pirates

This appealing and funny book is packed full of facts about pirates.

Pirates (Horrible Histories)

All the foul facts about pirates!

Pirates Magnified

Use the magnifying glass to search out facts about 10 real-life pirates.

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