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Paint is a coloured liquid that can be used to apply colour to a surface. There are lots of uses for paint, from painting cars to creating a beautiful picture.

Different types of paint have different properties. Watercolour paints are blended with water to give a transparent colour, whereas acrylic paints are opaque, and tend to have stronger colours.

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Painting Facts

  • The earliest cave paintings were made thousands of years ago, using paint made from natural materials such as charcoal and animal fat.
  • Paints used to be mixed with egg yolks. This type of paint is known as egg tempura. The egg dries quickly and binds the paint to the surface it is applied to.
  • Oil paint takes a very long time to fully dry out; some are not considered properly dry for years.
  • There are several different kinds of paint that artists can use, including watercolour, gouache, acrylic, spray paint and oil paint.
  • Paint is usually applied with a brush, but some artists use special knives. You can also use everyday objects like cotton buds, or even your fingers!


10 Awesome Painting Tricks

This short video includes several easy painting ideas.

Running time: 8:18

Kids explain art to experts

Alexa challenges art experts to name famous paintings from her descriptions.

Running time: 3:43

10 Most Famous Paintings In The World

A quick overview of ten of the world’s most famous paintings.

Running time: 3:11

Paul Cezanne Inspired Still Life

Follow the steps in this video to create your own still life.

Running time: 5:48


Beautiful OOPS

A lovely book for talking about art and how accidents can become works of art.

The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse

This Eric Carle classic explores how artists see the world.

Katie and the Impressionists

Katie steps into some classic impressionist paintings.

Magritte’s Apple

A beautiful book about the work of René Magritte.

13 Artists Children Should Know

This lively book contains information about artists and their work, along with quizzes and activities.

The Noisy Paint Box

A super book about Vasily Kandinsky and his art.

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