Myths and Legends Topic Guide

People have always gathered together to pass on myths and legends. Myths grew as a way of explaining something that could not be easily understood, such as how the sun got into the sky.

Legends tend to grow up around a person or an event. For example, the legend of Robin Hood is thought to have started with the exploits of a real person (or more than one person) which got exaggerated and changed as the story was told and retold.

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Teaching Ideas

  • Ask children to write the Legend of the Crabe Phare, using this short video as a stimulus.
  • Make a myth or legend into a comic strip. There are some great examples at Greek Myth Comix for inspiration.
  • Create a fact sheet or poster about a mythical character.
  • Design your own mythical creature and write a story about it.
  • Choose two myths from different times or cultures, and make a list of similarities and differences.
  • Try some of these ideas, such as creating Greek Myth trading cards, or interviewing the heroes and villains of the Greek myths.
  • Try sorting stories into myths and legends. Are there any you are not sure about?
  • Record the children retelling myths and legends.
  • Make a news report about an event from a myth or legend.


The Myths and Legends Pack

Myths and Legends Facts

  • Myths are set in the past and often are a way of explaining how things came to be, or why they are as they are. They often include ancient gods, or mythical creatures (or both!).
  • Legends are often based on a real person or event, but usually contain exaggeration or elaboration.
  • Myths and legends were handed down by being retold before reading and writing were widespread.
  • All civilizations have a creation myth, about how the world was made.


The myth behind the Chinese zodiac

An animation of the story of the Great Race.

Running time: 4:22

The Legend of Giants Causeway

This version of the legend has no dialogue, making it perfect for the children to write their own.

Running time: 2:35

What Is A Myth?

This video uses the myth of Arachne as a stimulus for writing a new myth.

Running time: 2:30

Helen of Troy Causing Drama

The Horrible Histories team retell the story of the Trojan Wars.

Running time: 3:21


Who Let the Gods Out?

Can Elliot and the Olympian gods save the world?

Gilgamesh the King

The hero Gilgamesh learns about friendship in this myth from Ancient Sumer.

Viking Boy

This historical adventure is set in the times of the Norse sagas.

Odd and the Frost Giants

Can a twelve-year-old boy reclaim Thor’s hammer?

The Knight And the Dragon

The knight and dragon know they have to fight, but they are not sure how! A fun read for younger children.

Orchard Greek Myths

This retelling of sixteen Greek myths is perfect for the classroom.

Welsh Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends

Myths and tales from Wales, re-told for children.

Tales from China

A collection of myths from China.

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