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People pay for things using money. Around the world, different countries use different kinds of money, known as currencies. For example, most of Europe uses the Euro, while Canada uses Canadian Dollars.

Before money developed, people used to trade items to get what they needed.

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The Money Pack

Money Facts

  • Before notes and coins were invented, valuable natural resources were used as money. Some of the items used included; cowrie shells, salt, cacao beans and dolphin teeth.
  • The Bank of England holds a banknote worth £100,000,000, known as a Titan.
  • The first known paper currency was issued in China during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 BCE)
  • The place where money is manufactured is called a mint.
  • Banknotes often have pictures of important people on them. For example, the $1 note has a picture of US President George Washington.


Money Song for Children UK

This song is great for teaching coin recognition for small UK coins.

Running time: 1:52

Get Your Money Right Song – Learn About Money

A fun Go Noodle song about US coins.

Running time: 3:01

Solving problems with money

How long will it take Abi to save £300 for a new guitar?

Running time: 4:22

Maths – Calculating change KS2

This video lesson covers calculating change using a number line.

Running time: 11:27



Damian and Anthony find themselves with a huge bag of cash, but what will they do with it?

Daisy and the Trouble with Piggy Banks

Daisy hatches a money-making plan. What could go wrong?

Billionaire Boy

Joe’s got a billion pounds, but not a single friend.

Money for Beginners

This information book covers all aspects of money and how it works.

Money Maths Made Easy

This workbook is useful for learning about money calculation.

The Children's Book of Money Sense

Help children gain money management skills with this bright and informative book.

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