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Everything around us is made from materials. Whether a material occurs naturally, like water, or is made by humans, like concrete, every material has properties that allows them to be grouped together.

Materials can change their state and have different properties in each state. Water is a good example of this: ice has very different properties from liquid water!

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Materials Facts

  • Anything that can be touched is made from material.
  • Materials are chosen for their properties. For example, windows are made from glass because it is hard and transparent.
  • Many items are made from more than one material. For example, a table can be made from wood, but metal screws and bolts hold it together.
  • Some materials are natural, like rock, and others are made by humans, such as plastic.
  • Materials can be combined together. For example, carbon and other materials are added to iron to make steel. Steel is stronger than iron because of the materials that have been added.


Materials And Their Properties

This video is a great introduction to the topic.

Running time: 3:57

What materials are waterproof?

Dr Brain and his team of scientists conduct an experiment to test if materials are waterproof.

Running time: 7:44

Materials song

This simple song will help younger children think about materials around them.

Running time: 1:08

Objects and Materials

This video encourages children to think about the materials everyday objects are made from.

Running time: 1:37


The Iron Man

An iron giant suddenly appears from nowhere. He is taller than a house, with feet that are each as big as a bed.

King Midas: The Golden Touch

What happens when everything you touch turns to gold?

Three Little Wolves And The Big Bad Pig

What is the best building material for a house to keep out the big Bad Pig?

Why is ice slippery?

This book answers the question “Why is ice slippery?” and more in a clear format.

Amazing Materials

Find out all about the different states of matter in this informative book.

Everyday Materials

A great introduction to the topic for younger children.

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