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Light can be natural, like that from the sun and the stars, or artificial, like a light bulb. It is a form of energy and life on Earth depends on light from the sun.

Light travels incredibly fast, much faster than sound. This is why you often see the explosion of a firework before you hear the bang!

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  • Our Light Pack contains information and resources for teaching and learning about light.

The Light Pack

Light Facts

  • Nothing in the universe travels faster than light.
  • Light from the sun, 93 million miles away, takes 8 minutes to reach the Earth. It takes over four hours to reach Neptune.
  • Light waves travel in straight lines.
  • All of the colours of the rainbow are contained in white light; each colour has a different wavelength.
  • Plants convert light into energy through the process of photosynthesis.


Shadow Box

Follow these easy instructions to make your own shadow box.

Running time: 1:16

Make a Periscope

Turn a simple shoebox into a periscope for seeing around corners.

Running time: 4:25

Light travels in a straight line?

A simple demonstration showing how light travels.

Running time: 1:05

Properties of Light

A good overview of the properties of light.

Running time: 4:45


The King Who Banned the Dark

When a king bans the dark, what happens?

Firenze's Light

Firenze the firefly doesn’t like her light, so she tries to cover it up.

The Cave of Shadows

Can Jess, Ben, Amelie and Zac use science to escape from danger?

How Things Work: Light and Dark

A great introduction to the topic.

Light: Shadows, Mirrors, and Rainbows

A lovely book with activities explaining light, shadows and mirrors.

Why does a mirror show things back to front?

This illustrated book answers your questions about light.

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