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Islam is the second most followed, and fastest-growing, religion in the world. The word Islam means “submission to the will of God”.

The religion was founded by the prophet Muhammad, in the 7th century.

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Islam Facts

  • Followers of Islam are known as Muslims.
  • Nearly 2 billion people worldwide follow Islam.
  • Muslims believe in one God, Allah.
  • The Qur’an is the holy book of Islam. It was given to Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel. Muhammad, who could not read or write, recited the message to his people.
  • It is customary to say peace be upon him after the name of Muhammad. which is often abbreviated to pbuh.


The Qur’an

Part of a series about Islam from BBC Teach. Kaisan and Naeem explain about studying the Qur’an.

Running time: 3:23

Alien Abduction: Islam

Amjal answers an alien interrogation about Islam. This short video is packed with information in a fun format.

Running time: 5:48

The Five Pillars of Islam

An animated clip explaining the Five Pillars of Islam.

Running time: 3:50


This video explains the significance of Mecca and the Hajj for Muslims.

Running time: 3:45

The complex geometry of Islamic design

This fascinating video explains the simple basis of Islamic patterns.

Running time: 5:06


Planet Omar: Accidental Trouble Magnet

Omar moves house and school. The class bully singles him out, and mum and dad aren’t exactly pleased with him either. Follow his adventures in this cartoon-style book.

The Proudest Blue

A beautiful picture book about Faizah’s first day of school and her sister’s first day wearing hijab.

Like the Moon Loves the Sky

A mother shares her wishes for her children in this picture book.

Once Upon an Eid

A short story collection by, and about, Muslims that older children will enjoy.

Tell Me About the Prophet Mohammad

A great all-round introduction to the prophet.

Amazing Muslims Who Changed the World

This book is full of the stories of Muslim men and women who achieved incredible things.

Eyewitness Islam

This comprehensive reference book covers the history, beliefs and practices of Islam with colourful photographs and illustrations.

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