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The Iron Age followed the Bronze Age. People began to use iron at different times around the world.

During the Iron Age in Britain, people lived in clans, headed by clan leaders. There were lots of disputes and battles between the clans.

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The Early Human History Pack

Iron Age Facts

  • In Britain, the Iron Age began around 750 BCE and came to an end in 43 CE when the Romans invaded.
  • Iron was particularly important to farmers; iron ploughs and axes were much more efficient than the ones made of bronze or wood that had been used before.
  • Iron Age clans in Britain often lived in hill forts, enclosed areas of land. Some can still be visited today.
  • The earliest civilization to develop the technology to work iron was the Hittite civilization, in Anatolia (modern-day Turkey).
  • The process of heating iron ore with charcoal to produce iron is known as smelting.


A Day In The Life Of A Celt: Part One – Roundhouses

Have a look around a roundhouse.

Running time: 1:58

How to make a Celtic Torc: The Snettisham Great Torc

In this fascinating video, a curator from the British Museum explains how to make a Celtic torc.

Running time: 9:29

Daily life at home in Iron Age Britain

This interesting video looks at where your information about the Iron Age comes from.

Running time: 5:05

Iron Age Diaries: Day 2 – Cooking, the Celtic Way

Learn about the food the Celts ate in this interesting video.

Running time: 2:19


Magical Celtic Tales

A retelling of tradtional tales from around the Celtic world.

Stone Age to Iron Age

This non-fiction book explores the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages in Britain.

Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages

Children will enjoy learning about prehistory with the photographs and information in this book.

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