The human body is amazing! The organs in our body form different systems, such as the circulatory (heart and blood), respiratory (lungs), nervous and digestive systems. Each of these systems performs a different function in keeping us healthy and active.

Most of these processes happen automatically. The systems are also connected to one another. For example, the respiratory system brings oxygen into the blood, which the circulatory system then carries to the tissues and organs.

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Human Body Facts

  • Humans are born with 270 bones. Several of these bones fuse together by adulthood making a total of 206 bones in the adult human body.
  • Laid end to end, an adult’s blood vessels could circle Earth’s equator four times!
  • If you donate or damage a part of your liver, it will grow back to its full size.
  • Your heart beats 100,000 times per day, pumping 5.5 litres per minute, which adds up to about 3 million litres of blood a year.
  • You can’t tickle yourself!


Interesting facts about the Human Body

This video from Happy Learning shares some interesting facts about the human body.

Running time: 2:57

The Respiratory System

This great video from Peekaboo Kidz shows how the respiratory system works.

Running time: 3:52

The Human Brain

Dr Chris is going on an Investigation Ouch mission to find out all about the human brain. He finds a REAL HUMAN BRAIN!

Running time: 3:39

All About Your Body!

This video from SciShow Kids shares lots of interesting facts all about the human body.

Running time: 15:11



The skeletons venture out of their cellar one night to find someone to scare, but everyone is in bed so they amuse themselves by scaring each other and playing with the skeleton animals that live in the zoo.

The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body

Arnold has swallowed the Magic School Bus! Now, instead of seeing an exhibit of the human body at a museum, the class is taking a look at Arnold’s stomach, his intestines, his bloodstream, and more from the inside on this heart-stopping field trip.

Look Inside: Your Body

This wonderful flap book introduces children to the way their own bodies work in a fun and informative way.

My Amazing Body Machine

My Amazing Body Machine takes children on a unique and exciting journey through all the working parts of human anatomy.

First Encyclopedia of the Human Body

This bright and lively encyclopedia introduces young readers to the wonders of the human body. It features simple text, amazing photographs, detailed illustrations and a selection of exciting recommended websites.

Why is Snot Green?

Discover the answers to lots of brilliant questions frequently asked at the Science Museum in this wonderfully funny and informative book.

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