Fractions are parts of whole things. We use them every day. For example, when we are telling the time, we might talk about half an hour. When we are sharing a pizza with five other people, we can have one sixth of the pizza each.

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Fractions Knowledge Organiser

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Fraction Facts

  • Evidence suggests that the ancient Egyptians used fractions to calculate taxes.
  • It is thought that the term ‘fraction’ was first used the after the early 15th Century.
  • The value of Pi (3.142…) cannot be expressed as a fraction.


Let’s Learn Fractions – Understanding Math for Kids

This video for younger children introduces fractions, numerators and denominators. 

Running time: 2:39

Converting Fractions to Decimals Song

This fun song will help you remember how to convert fractions to decimals. 

Running time: 3:27

Hands-On Fraction Activities

Make your own fractions kit with the instructions in this helpful video.

Running time: 8:53


The Wishing Club

A charming story about what can happen when you wish upon a star and get a fraction of what you wish for.

Fractions in Disguise

What happens when a valuable fraction goes missing?

My Half Day

What happens when you wake up with half a head of hair?

The Lion's Share

What happens when guests don’t mind their manners? Find out in this tale of halving and doubling. 

Full House

Explore fractions with this beautiful book about the Strawberry Inn and its Landlady, Miss Bloom.

Lift-the-Flap Fractions and Decimals

This engaging lift-the-flap book will help children understand fractions and decimals.

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