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Europe is a continent in the northern hemisphere. It is bordered by the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, as well as the Mediterranean, Black and Caspian Seas. To the East, it borders Asia. A few countries, such as Russia and Turkey, have land in both Europe and Asia. They are known as transcontinental countries.

The continent is usually considered to have four regions: Northern, Western, Eastern and Southern Europe.

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Teaching Ideas

  • Use this page to research the major rivers of Europe, then challenge your children to find them in an atlas or on Google Maps.
  • Choose an area of Europe that contrasts with your own locality and ask the children to find out more about it. What is different, and what is the same? Consider the physical and human geography of both areas.
  • Create a poster about a European country.
  • Work through the lessons in this unit from the Royal Geographical Society, looking at the countries of the Mediterranean.
  • Make your own windmills or Eiffel Tower.
  • Research and taste food that comes from a European country


Europe Facts

  • Europe is the second smallest continent by area, with the third-largest population.
  • Vatican City is the smallest country in the world. It has a population of around 800 people and covers nearly half a square kilometre, entirely within the city of Rome in Italy.
  • English is the most spoken language in Europe, followed by German and French.
  • Lake Ladoga in Russia is the biggest lake in Europe.
  • Disneyland Paris is the most visited attraction in Europe.


Europe: Destination World

A great introduction to the countries of Europe.

Running time: 3:24

The European Countries Song

Can you name all of the European countries in this song?

Running time: 1:19

Geography Kids – Norway

Enjoy this video about Norway made by children from Parkfield Primary.

Running time: 1:37

Spain for Kids

This video is a quick introduction to Spain.

Running time: 3:36


Emil And The Detectives

A classic crime story set in Berlin.

The Cat Who Walked Across France

Follow the cat as he walks from Rouen to St Tropez.

Sticks across the Chimney

Older children will enjoy this story from Denmark.

KS2 Discover & Learn: Geography - Europe Study Book

This study book is a great general book on the topic.

Not For Parents Europe

This bright and lively book is full of fascinating facts about the continent of Europe.

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