Electricity is a form of energy. This energy is stored in batteries (also known as cells) or comes into our houses and other buildings along wires. Many items we use every day rely on electricity to work.

Smaller appliances, such as watches and phones, are powered by batteries. Larger products, for example freezers and washing machines, have to be plugged in to mains electricity.

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The Electricity Mini Pack

Electricity Knowledge Organiser

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Electricity Facts

  • Electricity travels at the speed of light. That’s more than 186,000 miles per second!
  • One flash of lightning could power 1000 houses for a whole year. Lightning lasts one second, but can create up to 3 million volts of electricity.
  • English scientist William Gilbert discovered electricity around the year 1600.
  • Electric eels can produce strong electric shocks of around 500 volts for both self-defence and hunting.
  • A bolt of lightning can measure up to three million (3,000,000) volts (and last less than one second).


Electricity Rap

This is a Science rap to help you understand the basics for electrical circuits, including series and parallel circuits.

Running time: 4:46

Introduction to Electricity

This video helps children to learn about electricity in a simple and easy way.

Running time: 5:25

How is electricity made?

Two children meet Curious Cat, an animated cat who asks them if they would like to find out how electricity is generated.

Running time: 9:39

How Batteries Work

Even the best batteries will diminish daily, slowly losing capacity until they finally die. Why does this happen, and how do our batteries even store so much charge in the first place?

Running time: 4:19


Oscar and the Bird

When Oscar the kitten finds a tractor in a field and accidentally turns on the windshield wipers, he is full of questions about electricity. Luckily, Bird knows the answers!

Charging About

This series uses cartoon style illustrations and humorous narrative text to teach children about electricity. It also includes an experiment, facts and links to useful websites.

Electric Storm

Keesha and the rest of Ms. Frizzle’s class are gearing up for an exciting trip through the world of electricity when they collectively become a bolt of lightning.

The Shocking Story of Electricity

This book explores the fascinating story of electricity from the earliest experiments to the gadgets and gizmos of the modern world.

You Wouldn't Want to Live Without Electricity!

This series takes readers on a historical journey, examining how electricity works and exploring the ingenious ways that people have controlled and used it throughout the ages.

Shocking Electricity

Horrible Science: Shocking Electricity is packed with sizzling zap-filled facts to electrify every reader.

Essential Science: Electricity

What exactly is electricity, how do we generate it, and how can we use it? This book explores the phenomenon that keeps the modern world up and running.


Holly Sparkes is just your average 12-year-old, that is, until she’s hit by a bolt of lightning. Now Holly is EXTRAordinary.

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