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Drawing is an art form that anyone can do. All you need is something to draw with and something to draw on.

The earliest human drawings are at least 73,000 years old! Clay was used to draw intersecting lines on a rock, which has been found in Blombos Cave in South Africa.

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Teaching Ideas

  • Give children a natural object to sketch. Encourage them to look closely and notice the shapes of the object. This blog about drawing shells is full of good ideas.
  • Ask children to “draw the negative”, by drawing all the objects around a central object in a still life.
  • Read “The Dot” and use one of our teaching ideas related to it.
  • Give children a viewfinder (a small frame cut out of a piece of cardboard) and take them outside. Ask them to use their viewfinder to choose a view to sketch.
  • Give children a range of different drawing media, and ask them to sketch the same object or view in each one. Display the drawings side by side. Discuss what effect the different media have.


  • The drawing challenges in our Listening Skills Pack are useful for improving listening and drawing skills.

The Listening Skills Pack

Drawing Facts

  • Drawing is making a picture using lines.
  • Historians believe that drawing was used as a form of communication before writing.
  • Drawing can be done with a range of different media: you can use pencils, charcoal, crayons, pastels, ink and many others!
  • The type of paper that you draw on has an effect on the work. Drawing on paper with a rough surface gives a different effect from paper with a smooth surface.
  • Most artists use drawing to work out their ideas, even if their finished work is in another medium, such as a painting or a sculpture.


Austin’s Butterfly

This technique encourages children to improve their drawings.

Running Time: 6:32

How to Draw a Rose: Easy Art Tutorial for Beginners

This is just one of many art tutorials available on YouTube that children will enjoy following.

Running Time: 3:09

Take a Line for a Walk

This simple technique is perfect for exploring drawing.

Running Time 1:56

Shading Forms Using Hatching, Cross-hatching, Stippling and Scribbling

This useful video demonstrates shading and hatching techniques on geometric shapes.

Running Time: 10:10



Ramon loves to draw, but a careless remark from his brother makes him doubt himself.

The Pencil

What happens when a pencil draws a boy, and the boy asks the pencil to draw a dog?

Keith Haring: The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing

This book by Haring’s sister, is a great biography for children.

Draw 50 Animals

A great step-by-step guide to drawing animals.

Children's Book of Art

This beautiful book is full of inspiration for young artists.

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