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Division is one of the four maths operations that we use every day. When we use division, we break up a number or an amount into equal parts.

Sometimes a division calculation does not give a whole number answer. In this case, we can either give a remainder (how many are left over, that cannot be put into equal groups) or use a fraction or a decimal to share the remainder out. For example 5÷2=2r1=2.5=2½.


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The Division Pack

Division Facts

  • Division is the inverse of multiplication. If you know 6×2=3, you also know that 6÷3=2, for example.
  • The proper name for a division sign ÷ is an obelus.
  • Sometimes the / symbol is used to mean divide, so 6/2=6÷2.
  • The word divide comes from the Latin word dividere, meaning to force apart.


KS2 – Long Division

This video gives a very clear demonstration of the long division method.

Running time: 5:43

Year 1 Division by sharing

A super short video showing how to divide by sharing.

Running time: 1:29

Dividing using repeated subtraction

Who can help Mrs Barker divide treats between her dogs?

Running time: 3:30

Division as Grouping

This video for younger learners demonstrates how to solve division problems using grouping.

Running time: 6:31


The Doorbell Rang

Ma has made a dozen delicious cookies. It should be plenty for her two children. But then the doorbell rings – and rings and rings and rings.


Spinderella wants to play football with her brothers and sisters, but first she has to learn about numbers.

One Hundred Hungry Ants

What’s the best way to get 100 hungry ants to a picnic?

Multiplication & Division Bumper Book

This useful workbook is packed with multiplication and division activities.

Long Division Workbook

Perfect for older children, with plenty of long division calculations to solve.

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