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In Britain, the era from 2200 BCE to 750 BCE is known as the Bronze Age. Prior to the Bronze Age, tools and other items were made out of stone. The development of the technology to make bronze allowed humans to make advances in many areas. For example, metal ploughs made farming much more efficient.

The wheel was also invented during this time, along with irrigation. Writing began to develop in some Bronze Age communities.

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The Early Human History Pack

Bronze Age Facts

  • Different parts of the world entered the Bronze Age at different times, as the technology became known. It is likely that the people of Sumer (in the area of modern-day Iraq) began using bronze around 3300 BCE, while Britain and China did not use it until much later.
  • Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin.
  • Bronze is made by melting tin and copper together. Adding the tin makes the copper harder and more durable.
  • Moulds of sand or clay were filled with molten bronze, which cooled and hardened.
  • Metal weapons such as spears, daggers and swords were all first used during the Bronze Age.


KS2 Prehistory – The Bronze Age

This video is a great introduction to the Bronze Age from the Museum of London.

Running time: 4:13

Smelting at Great Orme Mines 2021

Find out about Bronze Age smelting techniques used to make an axe.

Running time: 2:32

Life in a Bronze Age settlement

Learn about everyday life in the Bronze Age.

Running time: 2:46

The Bronze Age I The Importance of Bronze

This video explains the properties and uses of bronze.

Running time: 2:24


The Boy with the Bronze Axe

Kali and Brockan are grateful for help from the stranger with the sharp axe, but how will the people of Skara Brae react?

Bronze Age

This book is perfect for children to read independently.

Discovery of a Bronze Age Village

This levelled non-fiction book introduces children to the archaeology of the Bronze Age.

Time-Traveller’s Guide to the Bronze Age

Confident readers will enjoy this reference book.

Stone Age to Iron Age

This book covers the prehistory of Britain and places the Bronze Age in context.

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