Area and Perimeter Topic Guide

Area and perimeter are two important topics that are used in lots of everyday situations. For example, if you are going to put a fence up, you need to know the perimeter of the area you want to fence in. If you are painting a wall, you need to know the area of it, or you might not get enough paint!

Knowing how to work out area and perimeter is an important skill.

Teach your children about area and perimeter using our handy topic guide!

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  • Download our Area and Perimeter Pack for a guide, challenges and display materials for teaching area and perimeter.

The Area and Perimeter Pack

Area and Perimeter Facts

  • Perimeter is the distance around a flat object or shape, found by adding the length of the sides.
  • Perimeter comes from the Greek words for “around” (peri) and “measure (metron).
  • The area of a shape is the amount of space it takes up.
  • Area is a Latin word, meaning an open space.


Calculating area and perimeter

This fun BBC Teach video gives a clear explanation for finding area and perimeter for regular and irregular polygons.

Running time: 4:37

Perimeter Around The Area

Sing along with The Bazillions as these cool cats show you the facts about perimeter and area!

Running time: 3:26

Area and perimeter of irregular shapes

This video models finding the area and perimeter of irregular shapes and gives children some questions to answer.

Running time: 8:42

Area and Perimeter: DIY Face Masks

Use your understanding of area and perimeter to make your own face mask from an old t-shirt.

Running time: 16:14


Spaghetti and Meatballs for All!

Will there be room for everyone to sit at Mr and Mrs Comforts’ family reunion? This book is a great stimulus for discussion about area and perimeter.

Junior Illustrated Maths Dictionary

This book covers all the areas of maths needed for primary children.

Maths SAT Buster Stretch

Try these challenging geometry, measure and statistics questions.

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