The Arctic and Antarctic Topic Guide

At either pole of the planet, the icy Arctic and Antarctic are unique environments unlike anywhere else on earth. Animals and plants that live there have adapted to the freezing conditions.

The Arctic is an ocean surrounded by land, and the Antarctic is land surrounded by ocean.

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The Habitats Pack

Arctic and Antarctic Facts

  • The Arctic and the Antarctic are located around Earth’s poles.
  • While some people live permanently in the Arctic, the Antarctic is so inhospitable that no one makes their home there, although scientists work there.
  • Due to their position on the world, the Arctic and Antarctic have no daylight at all for several months of the year, followed by several months when the sun never sets!
  • The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are spectacular lights in the sky that can be seen near the North Pole (and sometimes much further south), caused by particles from the sun hitting the Earth’s magnetic fields.
  • Antarctica is a desert; there is very little rain or snow there.


Antarctica | Destination World

This short video is a good overview, perfect for introducing work on Antarctica.

Running Time: 2:57

The Arctic vs. the Antarctic

This video compares the Arctic and the Antarctic.

Running time: 4:24

Guess the Animal Sound Game

Younger children will enjoy this game of Arctic animal sounds.

Running time: 4:39

Polar Explorer: Jade Hameister

Learn about the experience of the youngest person ever to ski to the North Pole.

Running Time: 2:30


Akilak's Adventure

When Akilak’s grandmother hurts her ankle, Akilak must set out to her uncle’s camp to get some food.

The Rainbow Bear

Bear is bored of being white, but what will happen if he becomes a rainbow bear?

The Snowflake Mistake

What happens when the snowflake machine breaks?

Shackleton's Journey

A beautifully illustrated book about the Endurance.

Living in the Arctic

Learn about the people who live in the Arctic.

Antarctica: Land of the Penguins

A great reader about Antarctica.

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